Saturday Evening Poultry Post

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mr mac

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Oct 19, 2009
Doniphan MO
You probably need a head of gray to get the title, nonetheless, chicken was the call for the day. Actually, it began Friday morning when we thawed the thing.

As so many do once it was thawed, we got it dried off, laid it on a small rack in a tray and stuck it back in the fridge to thoroughly dry the skin.

Saturday afternoon at around 2pm I fired up the MB gasser and stabilized it at 225° F. Since we're still at my son's house, I used what was in the pantry, which was SPG on the bird. In it went with some hipple (hickory and apple) wood chunks.

An hour and a half in, another couple of small chunks and we're looking good.

Another hour and a half and time to rest. I sought the concensus of the family on whether to slice or shred. Shred it was. The crispy skin was gobbled up by several during the process.
I get the title, Rockwell lived in Arlington Vt. About 2.5 hours south of me. You chicken could be on a magazine cover it looks good.

Point for sure
Love the color on the bird! And the hair is not white... just really blond lol!

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