Sicilian Pistachio and Lemon Salami

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Moved the Pistachio and Lemon salami to the new maturing chamber from the accelerated drying chamber. Mold coverage is good; the sticks have lost 13% weight.


The mold is splotchy because of the D. Hanesii yeast in the culture...completely normal.
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Ok, my attempt is now fermenting.


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Ok, my attempt is now fermenting.
Cool. How much sugar did you use? And which culture? And what temp are you fermenting at?

I need to make a confession....I forgot to plug in the Temperature probe on my Milwaukee pH meter. This gave me a 0.2pH offset higher than the actual pH so when I figured the sugar amounts, I used a little too much. Also, the Lemon zest and the wine pushed the pH down another 0.2 points. So If I had it to do over again, I'd subtract out 1-1.25grams of sugars from the total I used...and would likely only use sucrose since the pH is dropped sightly already from the citric acid.

But....I won't know the flavor profile until mine are fully dried. I KNOW it will not have that sour tangy lactic acid profile because I did not add enough sugars for that, but the final pH I achieved was around 4.84 instead of 5.04. It should rise as it dries from ammonia creation from the mold.

In this case, the slightly acidic profile might be OK becasue you expect lemon to have that citric acid bite....time will tell.
You can scroll up thread and clearly see the temp. probe is not plugged into my unit. I did not catch that until 107hours of fermentation.....
Cool. How much sugar did you use? And which culture? And what temp are you fermenting at?

I went with your suggested 0.25% to see how it does. Flavor of Italy. Fermenting at room temp (70-75), I'm not taking the house down to 68.


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If you took initial pH, then you should be fine with 0.25% total sugars using Flavor of Italy fermenting @ 70-75*F. I always shoot for 5.3-5.25....but there is always slight overshoot.
After looking over your recipe, I should note that I use 2-2.5% total sugars.
Quoting you from earlier "I rarely ever use more than 2.5g/kg total sugars".

Did you mean %? We'll see if I get enough PH drop with 0.4%.
No...I meant that to show how many grams/kilogram I use in general, though that will vary based on starting pH, and any acidic additives to the mince; but that is a percent as well. Oh-you should get a significant pH drop. Check it early because of the wine and citric zest. Move to 47-53*F when you hit your target and expect it to overshoot a little.

Flavor of Italy has Lactobacillus Sakei that is sucrose negative in that it has trouble fermenting sucrose. But the pediococcus acidilactici can ferment sucrose....though slowed than dextrose.
Ah...I see the confusion now. What I meant to say is that to drop the pH by 0.1 point with FOI it takes 0.25g./kg.

If your starting pH is around 5.75, and your target is 5.0; then you will not need more than 2.5g./kg. to achieve that...and probably less. With a target of 5.2 (5.75-5.2=0.55). So I take 0.55 and multiply by 10; 0.55x10=5.5...then 5.5x0.25g. total sugars/kg.=1.25g. total sugars.

I measured the initial pH in my salami to be 5.95 So I figured I needed 1.75g./kg. BUT, since it was a false reading with no temp. probe, I was off by pH0.2, so I added 0.5g./kg. too much sugar. That's why my final pH was 4.84 instead of 5.04.

Hope this helps clear up the confusion.
Well the Pistachio and Lemon salami has hit 30% as of today. Drying a little faster than I would expect, but the lower pH accelerates drying slightly. Will let this one go to 35-37% weight loss before I slice into one. Another 7-10 says I'm thinking. Even though it is drying faster-it is drying exceptionally even! I could not be happier at how my new stainless maturing chamber is operating!
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My Cousin is in town for my Uncles Surgery tomorrow and he stopped by the check out my new Drying Chamber and visit. Haven't seen him in 5 years... Anyways, had one pistachio and lemon salami that had reached 31.4% weight loss. It's microbiologically stable, but a little too wet for my liking, but nevertheless, I sliced into one for him to sample.



Wow...The flavor is awesome, and yes, it does have a mild acid bite, but it is a citric acid bite-not a lactic acid bite and it makes the lemon flavor REALLY pop! The soak of the lemon zest in the wine really brought the lemon flavor forward in the salami. It is amazing. I can not wait to see how this one tastes when it reaches 35-38% weight loss! I cut a chunk off one of the pieces and gave it to him, then cut some collagen sheet squares and tied those over the ends of the salami....back in the chamber to continue drying....
I am using the recipe from Olympic Provisions for this classic Sicilian Salami. I made this for the first time back in Jan. 2021. It was a big hit on the board and I have been wanting to make it again. Caught a pork butt sale so here we go! I also picked up a 4# chunk of loin and 2.5# of tenderloins. Ended up with 6.25Kg. of lean for the salami.
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I went shopping for the pistachios and fresh lemons. Stopped by the butcher shop and bought 3kg. of Berkshire pork back fat for the salami. All the trim and fat from the commodity pork will be used in smoke sausages.

Spices, Salt, cure #2, lemon zest in white wine, and pistachios ready to go...along with mold 600 I mixed up last night. I wait to mix up the starter culture right before grinding. I am using SM-194 culture.
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I ground the lean through a 12mm plate...
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then took 20% of that and mixed it in with the cubed back fat.
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Ran that through an 8mm plate. the meat helps to keep the fat separated and gives the auger more grab to force the fat through the grinder plate without the fat slipping to preserve the fat integrity.
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I mixed in the wine, lemon zest and the SM-194 culture then checked the pH. It was in the 5.9 range. Then I did some figuring for the amount of dextrose and sucrose I needed for fermentation. From experience, I know that the lemon zest will continue to release citric acid over time. And since I am stuffing into 60-65mm casings which will usually allow a little lower acid drop during fermentation, I settled on 1.875g. sugars/kg. mince. Weighed that out and mixed it in with the spices, salt and cure #2. Added that to the meat along with the pistachios. Then it was mixed very well for protein extraction.
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Next was stuffing... ended up with 5 salami 1600-1800g. each; 22" long. Into the ferment can to warm up for a few hours, then I will transfer to the accelerated drying chamber for 5-7 days. Will check the pH in 24 hours...when it drops below 5.2 I will tran is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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