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  1. Well..... my second attempt went better than the first. Qview attached. Still struggled to get and keep the temp around 225. Seemed to max out at about 220. While I was moving the smoker around to do the rope gasket mod I heard a metallic pinging. I tracked it down to a broken drill bit and chunks of metal inside the burner and tube. My suspicion is that these pieces were partially blocking the gas flow. So, I decided not to do the gasket and see how it went with an unblocked burner. Guess I will go ahead and do the gasket and see if it helps even more.  Enjoy the Qview and feel free to make recommendations.

    Olive oil and rub on baby-back ribs and one tenderloin. The other tenderloin was marinated in Lowry's steak and chop marinade. My plan was to inject some of the marinade but low and behold it was to chunky to be drawn into the needle.



    Here they after 2 hours...added the potatoes[​IMG]

    And here they are after 5 hours...I added BBQ sauce to the ribs at 4 and a half hours... This is the tenderloin with rub


    This is the tenderloin that was was a bit tough on the outside but tender and juicy inside....


    Here are the pork ribs...


    My son's opinion... I wasn't even done cuttin them up.....

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    The ribs look fantastic!
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    Some great looking Q you have there bet it was tasty.. nice job
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    Well done... everything looks great!
  6. Thanks everyone for taking a look and giving me some feedback.

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    Looks Great...

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