Whole hog..broken down?

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Original poster
Dec 4, 2020
So my buddy and I have been toying with drum smoker on a trailer. We have a trailer and the drum. The goal is to be able buy a big and smoke it. ......Much discussion on build style, etc. I currently have 2 UDS smokers with weber lids. I also have clean barrels and some components to build three more easily.

So it dawns on me .. I can run a trailer with 5 barrels. I could do shoulders on one. Ribs on another. Reserve a third for smoked pork chops. I could probably do three pigs right there?

Reserve the bacon for another day.

That leaves me with the hams. Is it possible to put a rear quarteron a UDS??

See where Im going? I could have a versatile trailer that would grill x5, or grill/smoke combo , or run low slow x5. Whole hog wouldnt be whole hog pulled. ....It would pulled, smoked chops, grilled tenderloin, and ribs. I could see a big job where we did one pig with extra ribs and tenderloin. Managing cook times would be the Achilles heel. That and doing the rear hams on a uds.

So.. with 5 drums.. I could easily do 30 butts. reasonable yield of 120 lbs of meat to feed as many as..what 300 plus people? Why even worry about "whole hog?" I think 30 butts even if they were exactly equal in weight would be a nightmare to crank out evenly. Ive done 8 in a weekend and that was herding cats. BUT! There is that "Whole Hog" mystique right. So Im thinking Whole hog custom..

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