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Discussion in 'Pork' started by crispyb, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Had a limited window of time yesterday to make some apps for party at my place last night.Friday afternoon picked up a London broil and a "prime rib of pork" as the grocery store calls it I call it a mini ham and my first attempt Abt's.Filled the abts with cream cheese and fatty crumbles. Marinated the lodon broil in a hmemade marinade little citrus mix then rubbed with carribean jerk seasoning.Rubbed the mini ham in mustard and Stubbs bbq rub.Got the smoker fired up hickory and cherry cooked the abts for an 1:20 reheated later for guests.Pulled the london at 2:40 let it rest sliced it thin and toothpicked it with some sharp cheese cubes.Foiled the ham then and mopped with cider vinegar honey bbq sauce and brown sugar slurry for the last 1:15.Sliced the ham up for brown baggin this week.Next time I will triple the Abts we put a good dent in them right off the smoker b4 company even arrived.Thanks again to all in this forum for the Fattie and abt recipes they are truly AWESOME.
  2. I had more abt's but damn they disappear fast
  3. pineywoods

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    Looks great [​IMG] Funny how that good food disappears [​IMG]
  4. travcoman45

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    Mighty fine lookin vittles, mighty fine indeed! Nothin line good food yall create yerself is there?
  5. erain

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    looks like you made the most of that limeted window,,, good lookin smoke.
    when i get some peppers this summer from garden gonna have to try those abt's. heard so many rave reviews on them. maybe i missin out on something. great lookin smoke and pix!!! great job.
  6. chargrilled

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    Xsolent lookin Q my man. Nice smoke pena!!

    I have NEVER made enough ABT's, my wife now stuffs and I wrap in a production line cause we cook so many but during the last Q we made 46 and I got NONE[​IMG]. Each time the plate came back to the pit (where I was) it was empty. But there were alot of smiles going on!!![​IMG]

    Good job, points.

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