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Ham is coming along


The taters are done a little ahead of schedule. Looks good.

Damn everyone killed it this Easter!! What a great compilation of incredible meals!! Some serious home chefs cheffing it up today!!! Love this site!
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I got this holiday off.
Same here. I normally do brunch. Eggs benny (use my cb) and crepes. Wife wanted to do "something different". It was nice but think it will back to brunch next year.

Saying prayers for all you lost souls that did not eat ham for Easter and will rot in hell (at least that's what my wife thinks). LOL
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Looks dammed good! Is that a boneless ham? I've never smoked one before but I did pick one up this week, tired of fighting that bone and the spiral sliced are cut too thin for my liking. RAY
Thank you Ray.
This was a bone in shank. I don’t get to worried about the bone. If you look at the cut face, you see the bone which is not centered, it’s offset slightly. Below the bone is a large piece of meat, I slice straight into the face of the ham just under that bone and follow that bone all the way to the back. That hunk of ham is the best and most presentable for guest when sliced. Then there are basically two more muscles I slice off the same way left and right. They are smaller but very sliceable. The rest is great for salads or flavoring in green beans and such. The bone makes a great pot of white beans.

I’m using the trimmings to make a ham/potato soup tonight, cream based.
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Believe it or not, I didn't cook anything for Easter.
Left that to others this year.
Ain't mad atcha. You cook enough for a small country. And in a good way.

With all I had going on with my house restoration, I slap forgot it was Easter weekend. Threw together a fried pork chop meal with cream gravy and mashed at the lady's house. Did a couple of french silk pies the cheater way (jello cook and serve lol) and I dropped one of them and the other one had a jug of milk fall on it - because that fridge has way too much in it and I need to clean it out. Luckily I had also made a red velvet cake but I really wanted les pie d'chocolate as did she. I might make a real one this upcoming weekend if I feel like it.
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I did ham in crockpot lol
No time with church in an am all (25 family members ) coming immediately after lol.
I love all the hard work, I'm hungry again now haha
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