Salmon - glaze or waterpan?

Discussion in 'Fish' started by elkhorn98, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. When do most people put their glaze on?

    And should I put some of Dutch's glaze in my waterpan?
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    i would put some of the glaze on just before putting fish into the smoker then i would put some on every hour after putting fish into smoker i would not put any glaze into the water pan just brush or spray on a thin coat of the glaze hope this helps

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    Elkhorn, the glaze is divided in half- one half to baste or mop the salmon with and the other half is served on the side for those that want extra.

    Baste or mop a couple of times during the smoke.

    Here is how I generally do it- with a smoker running 200-225*

    Get smoker up to temp.

    Place salmon fillet on rack and close door.

    After 15 min. baste salmon with glaze

    After another 15 min. remove salmon from smoker and apply more glaze.

    Tent with foil and allow salmon to rest.

    Serve and enjoy-serve reserved glaze on the side.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll try to post pictures. I made glaze last night and it smells great.
  5. ...what's this glaze everyone's talking about?????
  6. salmonclubber

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    its dutch's maple glaze
  7. Check out the sticky on this forum. It turned out great when I made salmon a few weeks ago, but I may tweak it a little next time. Maple syrup isn't cheap so I may replace it with honey.

    Thanks for the tips everyone.

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