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Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by smokewood, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. You can count on the Brummie to be a little bit later. My excuse is a long weekend tasting the delights of Belgian beer 🍻.

    Welcome to the asylum guys.
  2. nick80

    nick80 Newbie

    Hi Wade,

    I'm in Boughton, near Canterbury. I'll mainly be cooking ribs, chicken, pork - possibly brisket or short ribs, but I've not cooked them before, and I'll be cooking for 10 people max.

    Thanks to everyone for the offers of help and assistance.

    A couple of questions:

    I have smoked quite a few ribs recently, when I put the rub on I don't put mustard on before the rub. Is the mustard purely to help the rub stick? Is there a strong mustard taste once smoked?

    Does anyone use a brinkman smoker? Are they any good?


  3. Hi Nick,

    I use mustard and smother my ribs, pork, beef etc in it prior to putting on my rub. I use it to make sure that the rub coats the joints completely.

    This is what I use and you cannot taste it once the meat is cooked.

  4. smokin monkey

    smokin monkey Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Ressy has you covered with the Mustard. It acts as a glue only and you can not taste it.
  5. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    I use a Brinkmann special edition, it's big & heavy and it might not be the most cost effective and easiest smoker to use, but I wouldn't swap it for anything.  I use the firebox for grilling and also to  cold smoke, and for low & slow I use the whole thing.

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  6. This one I will answer next year.  Mustard and rub.

  7. smokin monkey

    smokin monkey Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

  8. Nothing like a long wait :biggrin:
  9. kiska95

    kiska95 Smoking Fanatic

    I think Danny is going to do a demo at next years meet! Mustard n Rubs. Am I right Dano!
  10. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hi Nick. Some use mustard as a glue for the rub however I have not found it to be necessary. Whether you use it or not is not right or wrong but just shows differences in technique. If you use the mustard then you may be able to get a thicker "bark" on the ribs however this is not something that I want.

    You will get more than enough rub on your ribs to give it flavour without using the mustard - especially if you leave them to marinate overnight in the fridge. The only real way to tell which way you prefer though is to try one of each.

  11. Delete.
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  12. Hi Smokin Monkey and thanks for the welcome in the main forum. As requested I am saying hi here too.

    I am from South East London in the UK. I have been grilling for many years but I am fairly new to BBQ and smoking. I was recently given a ProQ bullet smoker by a friend who had bought herself a new one but I have tried to smoke a few things on it (a pork shoulder and beef rib roast) but they seemed to be overcooked and a bit dry. Maybe I am using the wrong charcoal or maybe I should be using wood? Trying to find out what I am doing wrong and Google has pointed me to you guys. Having read through some of the posts here i am hoping to get some good advice before I give up with it and go back to gas. Any advice gratefully received

  13. kiska95

    kiska95 Smoking Fanatic

    Welcome trench coat......................Please don't go back to GAS[​IMG]

    Just use the search bar at the top and that will sort you out or ask specifics here and we will sort you out.

    Now tell us what you did temps etc. to get a dry bit of meat so we can help you out and spot any potential problems???????
  14. sam darby

    sam darby Newbie

    Hi Guys, I am Sam from Lancashire. i have posted on the main forum page and followrd the link to here.

    I have been bbqing for a couple of years cooking the usual burgers chicken and have just done some ribs which came out ok but could have been better.   After watching the bbq champ programme i thought it would be good to try some of  different cuts of meat. I have a gas bbq and also a cheap kettle bbq.  I have just bought aaron franklins book which is great. i have just ordered a temprature probe from amazon

    cheers Sam
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  15. jockaneezer

    jockaneezer Meat Mopper

    Hi Sam, good to have another Northerner on here, place has been getting top heavy with shandy drinkers lately 😀 If you're happy with your cheap kettle, stick with it, if not, this time last year there were a few big stores selling off Webers (B&Q) which will cope with most of your smoking needs. Someone put a link on here to a butcher in Bury market that was offering good cuts of meat and he speaks BBQ too apparently.
  16. Hello Sam.  Glad to have in the "Family".  Anything I can do to help you feel free to PM me.  Keep Smokin!

  17. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Hiya Sam, Welcome to the UK Forum and pleased that you have joined us from the main forum. Ask any questions and you will have loads of different answers.
  18. Welcome to the UK group.

    As someone who was new to the Q/smoking scene earlier this year, I can recommend this group completely.

    There are some great guys here and a wealth of experience.
  19. kiska95

    kiska95 Smoking Fanatic

    Welcome Sam happy to have you aboard

    The butcher in Bury is Albert Matthews, ask for Chris and mention me/us

    Keep the gas for warming stuff up and follow Jock and get a weber (57cm) as a starting point as they do everything you will need. B & Q selling off for £80
  20. oldfella

    oldfella Newbie

    Left London in the 70s with my young Daughter after the wife at the time did a Runner, ended up many years later living the good life next door to the family in an old Farm house surrounded old Oak tree's,

              As I live alone now, and have always been partial  to a  barbecue, and having plenty of Oakwood  I decided to buy myself a Offset  Smoker which arrived a few weeks back., and this is where the rub come's in" no pun intended,"  when I started to investigate, I found  all the Smoker experts  were referring  to Rub and Marinades recipes were made to feed the five Thousand, and none for 81 Oldfella living on his own  in the sticks,

           I also cook Vegetables in my smoker, well at the moment I'v smoked some runner beans which turned out OK but like to know if any of you folk have tried this and with what results .       


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