Roll Call

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hi and welcome to the forum
looks like some pretty tasty food you have cooked up there!
do you get the packer cut of brisket as a special from bookers as i have only seen flats or points separate and never actually get to see a butcher when there or have them answer the phone when i call..guess this is a regional useless in london :)
have you looked into importing your own smoker from the manufacturer in china..same gear just no brand badge?
im importing a kamado at the moment..tracking the ship onlineo_O from the manufacturer that make them for wallmart/costco, is a huge saving on the rrp
Hiya! thanks for the reply.
It was tasty but didn't last long hahah

I asked the butcher in Bookers - they can order pretty much anything. I had to purchase a whole box of briskets to get them whole - they are called 'flat brisket' instead of the usual rolled kind.

I think they were £6.50 a kilo - and a box was about £120 or so - with 4 briskets in there... so they're pretty sizable. Not great marbling though.

I haven't looked into importing - how would you go about that!? any sites with info?

Cheers :)
I asked the butcher in Bookers - they can order pretty much anything.

The butcher in our local Bookers in Folkestone is always very helpful too. I usually buy their rolled brisket as they are quite large and, if you give them notice, they will watch out for the thickest one and put it by. When they were unrolled they have been excellent so far.
Hi Mooneh and welcome to the forum. The WSM is a great smoker and you will cook a lot of good food on there.
Hi all Roy from Hampshire calling in. First year doing a more serious BBQ thing, and loving it. Owner of a beat up old Webber kettle that was rotting in a relitives back garden, and amazed at the results I’m getting out of it! Also the owner of a damn fine Dutch oven! Quite adventurous food wise so always on the look out for the odd and unusual cuts of meat!
Hi Roy and welcome to the forum
Think you made some typos there ..rotting beat up and old..did you mean well used loved, seasoned and upcycled
Well it is much loved now and that’s the great thing and looking at a cheep bullet smoker ( perhaps a callow bbq smoker ) so always looking for advice! Also do you guys cook out all year round and if so how should I prepare, winter as they say is coming
i personally have a metal bbq pergola type shack to keep the rain off set up in front of a 7ft fence and next to a large shed so keeps some of the cold wind off which helps keeps the temps up and cuts back on the fuel needed, decent range bluetooth thermometer..there are a lot of crap ones out there also sadly, couple of 10 watt led flood lights rigged up and one of those warm tracker hats with the floppy ears as the smokers are at the end of the garden :), been trying to install an intercom to the house from there but the other half is not having it:oops:
thermometer ive found good so far with good range and a decent price ...
Hi Roy and welcome to the forum. The Weber Kettle is a great versatile smoker and, as you have found, you can smoke some great food on there. I started off with a couple of Weber kettles and I have only just lost one of them after 17 years of faithful use. Our Christmas turkey has been cooked on the Weber each year for the past 15+ years.
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