Roll Call

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Sep 23, 2014
Peak District
Welcome to the UK Smokers, you might have already said your hello's  on the main Forum Roll Call, but it is worth saying them again for all our UK Smokers.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what your skill level is, what part of the UK you are from, and anything you want to share with us.

It is also great to tell us what smoker you are using, that way if you ask a question, we'll have a better idea how to answer you. 

Thank's for joining the UK Smokers, and remember there is no such thing as a stupid question, just questions that need answering to make you a better smoker.

Good Luck

UK Smokers
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Evening all,

I was pointed here by kiska95 so I thought I better introduce myself. Finally took the plunge and bought a Proq smoker and finally got to try it yesterday with a chicken as my first attempt. I'm looking forward to trying out more things on it and I'm sure to be picking the brains on here.


hiya Gav,

Welcome to the group and we are really pleased that you have chosen the UK Smokers.  I am sure Kiska has filled you in on the smaller details, but basically ask as many questions as you feel you need to and don't forget to post your photo's.

The Pro Q is an excellent Smoker, which model have you got?

Which part of the UK are you from, do you live near Kiska?

I am sure the other members will be along shortly to welcome you to the group 


Hi Stu - Welcome to the forum and to the UK group.

You should do well with the ProQ. They are used a lot in competitions alongside the WSM's. I used one several years ago and got on well with it. What have you tried in it so far and how did it turn out?

I am not sure if Kiska mentioned the second annual UK SMF meet near Lincoln in a couple of weeks time. If you are free you would be very welcome to come along.


Hi Stu, welcome to our "Family" and "Adiction"

I can not comment on the smoker you have, but I hope you enjoy it, and all the good tasting food you cook on it.

Please ask as many questions as you can think of!

Smokin Monkey [emoji]133660013031[/emoji]
Hi I am Steve aka Smokin Monkey. Member for 2 years and Group Lead.

I am a Refrigeration Engineer and also run a Refrigeration hire company supplying Coldstores for events.

At the weekends I am a Hog Roast Caterer.

I live in North Nottingham.

Hi - I am Wade from Woodchurch in Kent, I have been on here for 2 years and I am also a Group Lead.

My day job is running the IT Services at a local Independent School and I also have a smoking company that I am building up as part of my retirement plan.

I have a selection of BBQ/Smokers, some I have imported from the US (New Braunfels, Fast Eddy, Weber), some purchased in the UK (Mainly Weber charcoal and Gas) and some I have had made locally. I use predominantly briquettes, charcoal and pellets but have been known to use gas from time to time as well.

I enjoy all kinds of hot smoking, cold smoking and curing.
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Hi Stu

Just an official welcome from me from Sunny Sunderland (working in Hartlepool) not!!!

I am sure you will have some great Fun getting to know the characters on this forum, I know I have and they are brilliant at keeping you on track even in the middle of a Smoke!

Cooking on Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone, 2 x UDS, Napoleon Rodeo Pro and a Weber Smokey Joe. Love Lump and Aussie heat beads

Yes I am going to the SMF weekend too so if you fancy a trip down to Woodhall Country Park you wont feel alone amongst "hall these folk whet speak funny like! A divnt na hinnee but y might hev a gan et seein a reel propa American gadgee!!!
Thank you for the kind welcome. I should have pointed out that I live in sunny Whitley Bay so yes another Northerner. Happily retired early last year and i enjoy a bit sailing.  BBQ-ed for years (although curry is probably my first love) although nothing to exciting. Best effort was a 33lb whole pork loin on a homemade rotisserie over charcoal in a field in France. The Proq is an Excel Elite along with a maverick 732. I've had the proq cold smoker for a couple of years now and done cheese, garlic, eggs etc with it. Had a first attempt at a chicken the other day and apart from a few schollboy errors, it came out quite well. Woodhall would be lovely but alas I am pre-booked for the weekend. I'm planning a home BBQ for about 20 people so I will be after some advice as I intend to do ribs, pork and brisket plus a few things in the tandoor. Anyway heres the chicken from the other day. 

Kind regards


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Brian (Kiska) will be able to give you the benefit of his "meatfest" experience from last weekend 

When you are starting to think seriously about the planning just drop us a post and we will help out where we can.

We can also organise a left-over BBQ meat disposal service 
Hi Stu, good looking Chicken!

Tandoor, now you are talking my language! I have one in my garden, and I have built another one from a Beer Keg. That will be accompanying me to the Weekend meet.

Looking to add a spit to it to cook a whole chicken, and making a holder for a Pizza Stone, so I can make Brian's wife a Pizza as promised!

Smokin Monkey
Tandoor, now you are talking my language! I
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the welcome. I bought a gas tandoor a few months ago. It has a steel liner (great for naans) as it was supposed to go to France this year but didn't and I was a bit wary about transporting a clay one. I had 3 small chickens ready to go in a couple of weeks ago and it started to lash down so they ended up in the oven.
   I'm off back to the indian shop this week to re-supply.

I also have a Weber Q200 which I don't like and an old broil king gas grill which once tidied up will be going to my daughters.


First chicken tikka I did with no colouring

And my Loin of Pork on my homemade rotisserie

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33lb in wieght. 5 blokes stood and stared for 6 hours, beers in hand.
  Rotisserie was home made using a 2rpm kebab machine motor from ebay turning a stainess spit which ran on bearings. Worked a treat but would have been better with a counter balance.
Hi Gav and welcome aboard.

I was an honourary Geordie for many years, having been married to a gal from Fenham. Although when I met her she lived in Bedlington. No wonder she escaped to Birmingham with me :biggrin:.

I see you love curry, very much like me. Well I am from the home of the balti after all.

The guys on here have a wealth of knowledge and are well worth listening too. Well most of them :yahoo:

I also have a ProQ, having acquired one a couple of months back. I'm still getting to grips with it and am looking forward to learning a lot at the weekend away at the end of the month. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.