Ribs & Fries with QView! Tasty!

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 10, 2010
San Diego CA
Dry rubbed, wrapped in plastic wrap and sat in fridge over night.

225* and TBS!


Put those puppies in the smoker about noon.


Started to rain half way through the smoke.  I'm sorry, it doesn't rain is San Diego.  We got some "Liquid Sunshine."


You have learned well, Grasshopper!


Pulled from the smoker when the temp fell below 200*.   About 4 1/2 hours.


Tender and Juicy!  No sauce needed.

Sweet!!!!!!!!!  Those look great.  And the fries just cap it off.  I'm on a low carb diet and I would get in the ring with Mike Tyson for a pile of fries right about now.  Great job.
Must be a rib kinda holiday weekend here in the People's Republic of Kalifornia.  We had a bunch tonight ourselves. Nice work! 
Ribs look great....beautiful color. Like the foil mod for the lid as well. Used to live in SD, Normal Heights section....loved that town....now in the soggy NW where there's no shortage of that liquid sunshine..
I think I'll try cooking the fries in the smoker next time.  Do potatos get a smoke ring? ;-)
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