crooked ribs,

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Dec 17, 2019
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this is probably longer than necessary for a slab of ribs but it covers a couple things.
my first cook with B&B briquettes. :emoji_thumbsup:
The had St Louis on sale at Publix (probably my last choice for meat purchases).
I was one of those people I hate, shuffling through a pile of slabs for the best two.
The brand was Hatfield, they were frozen and cryo'd. From afar they were "squared" up nicely.
Pretty nice thick meat, no shiners. I knew these were going to be for the race (that wasn't)
Fast forward....... ribs rubbed at 6AM (my typical self-brew)
here's where I go ritalin. .. The B&B briqs seemed much larger than blue bag. 1/2 a ring piled for a minion.
I usually use the shallow side of my chimbley as a starter batch. Got it lit and waited patiently. she (WSM 18) crept up to 245/250)(Inkbird under -grid therm monitor. 2 big chunks of apple. ribs on.
There's a Tuffy Stone WSM rib video on the weber website I watch for motivation. Now I'm sure that MF has a crew of minions out there picking the perfect slabs for the video.
About 4 hours in I melted 1/3 stick of butter with 1 tbs of brown sugar and slathered with my silicon brush. This was in lieu or a wrap for moisture.
Let them cook to 199 degrees(i rarely probe ribs). Mopped a this time with coat of my copycat SBR's honey chipotle.
Pulled after 20 minutes at 201 degrees. Slapped on the board for a rest and cut. Pulled out my "cleverish" knife went to slice in the middle, about 2/3's into the slice
I hit a clunk. WTF????
It seems as square as these looked in the bag they must have been machine cut, as what i's call the knuckle where the cartilage thing runs lengthwise was about an inch from the top end of the bone.
Moral of the story: just because they look square, they just might not be.
The meat part was awesome, but they looked like shit, Which is a real mind-F for me as I was so careful on this cook. The B&B worked marvelously and as long as they're $9.97 a bag at Wally world I might load up the f-150.
Like I said....way too long a story or a slab of ribs, but i needed to vent.
End of story.

hatfield crooked ribs.jpg
And here I thought you stole the ribs(title), but seriously they look good from here. Nicely done on overcoming the obstacle.

Point for sure
I quit buying pre-cut frozen SL ribs for this exact reason. Packing houses should not turn untrained employees loose with bandsaws. SL Ribs should be trimmed with knives only.
I do not like rib tips and will not pay for "SL Ribs" that are mostly rib tips instead of bones.
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