pork ribs

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  1. B

    Family Favorite - Smoked Pork Ribs

    Just you garden variety packaged ribs from the supermarket. Generously sprinkled with my "Dad's Pork Rub". Coated with "Dad's Pork Rub". I make all my own rubs and such. The temperature is perfect. If you can grill it, you can smoke it! Half way through. Under the rib is honey, brown...
  2. Preacher Man

    Simple Rib Sammich

    This is why I never care if the McRib stays or leaves. The real trick is making sure your ribs are taken high enough to get a clean rib pull, which is always higher than I schmoke them to just eat at the table. Also, I'm usually a dry ribs guy, but for these I sauce after the wrap to get a good...
  3. T

    How to pre cook pork ribs?

    Hi guys, i'm really new at smoking, i started doing this about 1 month ago, and I started a little business in my town of smoked brisket, pulled pork and now i'm trying to smoke some ribs. Since the restaurant is just delivery service or pick up and go i really need to figure out a way on how to...
  4. disco

    Yum Yum Ribs

    I loved my Yum Yum Chicken recipe. It used a Korean inspired sauce that was delicious. As soon as I tried it on the chicken, I knew I had to try it as a glaze for ribs. Fortune shone on me and the local supermarket had a decent price on a rack of side ribs. It was time. I started by trimming...
  5. hunter rose

    Superbowl winning ribs...

    Had to post some winning ribs at the Superbowl party. This was only 3 of 6 racks...
  6. cansmoke

    Country style ribs

    I cooked up a rack of country style ribs yesterday in the MES 30. Ran it for 3 hrs at 250F and used maple wood chips. The rub is smoked paprika, onion, garlic and salt. I use dijon mustard to help the rub adhere to the meat. I smoked potatoes after rubbing them with kosher salt. I also made up...
  7. T

    First pork ribs on my new smoker

    First ribs on my new smoker turned out pretty good
  8. M

    Maple Flavored Pork Ribs

    I work at a food processing company that makes bacon, I was wanting to take some of our maple flavor and dilute it down like we do at my job. But everyone is saying that maple flavored ribs sound like a terrible idea. I plan on injecting the maple into the ribs then smoking them on my wood...
  9. S

    Pretty New to Smoking

    My name is Austin and I’m 28. I just moved out to the quasi-country and picked up a pellet grill. I’ve made chicken with mango, coconut, and jabeñero glaze and some crab stuffed salmon, but mostly I’ve been doing pork (tender)loin and pork ribs. I’m a fan of the competition blend pellets so far...
  10. un4gvn1

    3-2-1 Ribs w/ SmokinAl's rub

    Safeway had "St Louis style" ribs on sale last week for 1/2 off, yesterday was the day. These were 3-2-1 ribs done @ 225* in the Traeger as I wasn't going to be able to babysit the propane smoker. The "set & forget" of the Traeger is really nice sometimes. Let me start with a shoutout to...
  11. kit s

    Baby needs a bib

    Last eves dinner. Juicy baby back slow and low (3 1/2 hours with chunks of oak for additional smokey goodness) over a pan of homemade baked beans then a dab of homemade potato salad. Funny color of salad is due to avocado that I added. Just to see and well it was good,but oh man the color just...
  12. banjo

    Pork Ribs - Favorite Temperature for smoking

    I'll be smoking some PORK RIBS (from Costco) this week, and I've never done them on my Pit-Boss 820D before. So I thought I would post this poll:
  13. schlotz

    Too much fussin' - go with naked ribs

    A number of years ago I got tired messing around with the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 methods and went back to putting them on an leaving them until done. I won't say this is anything special but it's the recipe I've been using for quite some time with consistent success. BTW, signature has some sauces if...
  14. N

    New user and first post. beef Short ribs and spare ribs

    hey everyone. New around here and just want to introduce myself and show you my cook from yesterday. Did short ribs 3-2-1 over apple wood. Salt and pepper only. As well as no foil spare ribs. Normally do 3-2-1 but changing it up Smoked between 225-250 for around 6 hours total.
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