My Friend Asked For A NY Strip (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Tracy was out of town last weekend visiting her aunt in Wichita. Was chatting with a friend and he mentioned that his wife was going to be doing "the girl thing" on Saturday...whatever "thing" the girls do when the men aren't around. I asked him if he'd like to come over for steak dinner, which he readily accepted. I gave him a list of steaks to choose from and he immediately asked for a NY Strip. This worked out great because I'd just gotten an order of striploin roasts from CPB and was planning to break down some of them on Saturday. Jeff and Kandi have been here for a few pretty nice meals so we decided to keep this one simple and low key.

One of the roasts. There were 4 in the order, total weight was right at 51 pounds.

Sliced 1 1/2" thick. I got 11 steaks out of the roast. Here they are before trimming and cleaning them up. 2 of them went into the fridge dusted with kosher salt to dry brine for a couple hours.

Not much to prep for this one so no pics. Just made a salad and doing loaded baked potatoes. I built a new Transformer Cart and a new hybrid Santa Maria grill. this is the inaugural run with both. The grill fired up.

The steaks after dry brining for about 3 hours. These things are huge!!

A little Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and garlic powder.

Onto the new grill. For some reason I was in the mood for a nice crunchy char on these. Heavily cooked on one side to get the char and lightly cooked to finish on the other side. A couple pics.


Steaks done and plated with the salad and tater. Hit the mark on the steaks I was hoping for.

And of course the obligatory sliced shot.

They were a little brown on one side because of the char but perfectly done throughout. These were exceptional and the crunchy char was off the charts. Poor Jeff is ruined though. He mentioned that this was the best tasting and most tender steak he's ever had. Matter of fact, he just left from coming by to purchase the last roast I had from this order and is absolutely thrilled to have gotten it :emoji_laughing: This is also the first time he and I have ever had with just the two of us to sit and chat for a few hours. It's always been in a group environment and it was a ton of fun hanging out with him for an afternoon. He's a great guy, super smart, highly educated and a lot of fun. Why he chooses to hang out with me is a mystery but I'm grateful for it :emoji_wink: A fantastic afternoon was had.

Well gotta run. Managed to catch up on a few things today and make my first post in a few weeks. Things to do now though. Y'all take care and hopefully the schedule will be calm enough that I can stay on top of things here.

Well, Robert, you amazed me once again. I really look forward to reading your posts and admiring your pictures/projects. That’s an impressive Santa Maria! Beautiful work on that as well.
Nice work on that steak Robert, cooked to perfection! I tried that salting with sea salt for six hours before a Alton Brown ribeye method ribeye last week, makes a difference and is a keeper. RAY
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We all need a little boy time to hang out and talk boy stuff. And to be able to do it over a great meal like that just makes it all the better!
Awesome cook Robert! Excuse my ignorance (yeah, yeah insert snide comment but what is a NY strip roast called? Yeah I know being from NY you would think I know........
Sounds like a great day to shot the bull, have some great food , on a great looking cooker.

Nothing wrong with a day like that Robert.

Now get the dishes done before Tracy gets home and all is good. 🤠 :emoji_thumbsup:

Looks simply fantastic Robert. Nicely done

Point for sure
Super nice NY's there Robert. I'm with ya on the crunchy char, always love that extra bit of flavor.
That’s some yum yum there…..I would even do the dishes! Nice work, love that little grill you made!
You took a simple steak & made it into a fantastic meal.
That steak looks absolutely delicious!!
Looks great as usual.
That grill looks like one I've seen you cooking on before. Did you redo it? Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else?
Well, Robert, you amazed me once again. I really look forward to reading your posts and admiring your pictures/projects. That’s an impressive Santa Maria! Beautiful work on that as well.
Thanks so much Sven. That new grill is pretty slick. Similar concept as the first one but a different application for fabrication. Thinking I might post it later today if time permits.

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