My Friend Asked For A NY Strip (Pics)

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Nice work on that steak Robert, cooked to perfection! I tried that salting with sea salt for six hours before a Alton Brown ribeye method ribeye last week, makes a difference and is a keeper.
Thanks so much my friend. I've found that a couple hours is good for a streak but going much longer changes the texture and it seems to dry out for some reason. Never tried Alton Brown's version though. I might have to check it out next time we have steaks, which is a regular thing around here :emoji_wink:

We all need a little boy time to hang out and talk boy stuff. And to be able to do it over a great meal like that just makes it all the better!
I agree Jim. He and I have been friends for quite a while but after spending a few hours chatting I realized how little I actually knew about him until that day.

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Awesome cook Robert! Excuse my ignorance (yeah, yeah insert snide comment but what is a NY strip roast called?
Appreciate the kind words Cliff. As with so many other cuts, it has multiple designations depending on who you talk to. At CPB it is known as a Striploin roast. I bought one from Costco several years ago and the butcher there called it a Toploin.

There is a "Robert standard" and a "rest of us standard" when it come to cook pic's. You always hit the mark.
Thank you very much for the kind words. I just use an old Galaxy S8 and take quite a few pics. Then I go through all of them and only keep the better ones to post here.
"Women thinks about theyselves, when men folk ain't around"
Well, I guess that gives clarification to things :emoji_laughing:

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Sounds like a great day to shot the bull, have some great food , on a great looking cooker.
Yes sir it was David. We had a really good time.
Now get the dishes done before Tracy gets home and all is good.
Not wanting to spend all my time prepping and cooking, this was kept really simple. I tend to clean up what I can as I go so there's not a huge mess at the end. When we were done with dinner, it was only 5 minutes to clean it all up so I'm still on good terms with Tracy :emoji_laughing:

You always mail those steaks Robert and this was no exception! New grill looks awesome.
Thank you my friend. I've had a bit of practice with the steaks so not much of an excuse to botch them up :emoji_laughing: I really like this new grill. Similar concept as the last one but a different application.

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World class steaks and pictures, absolutely phenomenal Robert! Hard to beat a day that ends with a meal like that. That new grill looks really impressive as well :emoji_thumbsup: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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