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Discussion in 'Pork' started by huskerfan1414, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Hello.  I have a question that to some might seem like a no-brainer.  I had my first smoke yesterday and it was a little frantic but it all turned out okay...long story.  Anyway for my question:

    I finished up my pork shoulder in a foil pan covered with foil until it reached 200 in the smoker, then pulled it out and put it in a cooler with towels for an hour.  Then I before I pulled it I dumped the juices that were in the pan into a tupperware container and put the juices into the fridge so the fat would rise to the top where I could scrape it out later and use it for the re-heat the next day.  I thought this was normal process from what I've seen on other threads...I guess whenever someone talks about juices they take them out to eliminate some fat content.

    Well I pulled that pork and it was a little dry.  It was delicious and the SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce really helped things.  But today when I reheated, I mixed in the skimmed and re-heated juices with the pork.  It was BETTER today than it was yesterday when it was fresh.

    Should I have just left the juices in when I pulled it?  That's what I'm thinking I should do.  What do you all do?

    Thanks for any replies.
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    I always mix the drippings in with the pulled pork, and my finishing sauce. You can de-fat the drippings without putting them in the fridge to cool by using a fat separator cup. Looks like a measuring cup but the spout is at the bottom.

    I feel that pulled pork is actually better the next day anyways. Gives the meat time to meld with the other flavors.
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    I always mix in the drippings as well. If you are worried about fat content you can skim the bulk and quickly pull strips of paper towel across the surface to remove the remaining...OR...Just leave the Fat in! It tastes great and to hell with the calories. It's not something you will eat daily for years... People frequently say the pork is better the next day. Planning ahead allows you to smoke it at leisure and then enjoy it the next day. Additionally smelling the smoke all day deadens the sense of smell and therefore the meat will taste somewhat less than awesome until the nose clears...JJ
  4. I always put the juices back in as well. There's allot of flavor in that juice! I do try to reduce the fat that I put back in by using a fat separating "devise." They work good. 
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    I don't usually cook butts in a pan and even when done I just take them out and put them in something, cover with foil and sit on a towel on the counter covered by another towel or two.

    I do try to save the stuff in my drip pan, I will put that in the fridge like you do and them skim the fat leaving a gelatin like stock, which I boil on the stove for a couple minutes and then reintroduce some of this back into the pork with some of the rub I used.

    I like to boil it because it is sitting outside the smoker and not in the heat some there probably is a chance that some bacteria could infiltrate it.
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    Got a fat separator just for this reason and not only do I put the juice back in but I also sprinkle some of my rub on the meat after I pull it for a little extra flavor.  I believe a 100% my PP out of the freezer tastes better than the stuff made that day and so does the wife.  By the way what are you making for the Husker game?  I think I am doing a brisket but not completely sure yet.
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    Thanks all for the tips.

    smokey: I'm doing three racks of ribs and chicken legs tomorrow so I plan on having some leftovers for the game.  I'll probably still be feeling a little...ahem..."under the weather" at 11 a.m. new years day!  Plus I'm a little worried about this one.  Oh well at least you will have tasty brisket whether the game goes well or not!

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