Pre-cooked turkey question

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Feb 6, 2012
Albuquerque, NM
OK so my work gave me a pre cooked smoked young turkey. 9.3lbs on my scale, and the FAM wants me to put it on the smoker. . . . What should I do? Should I inject? What temp should I cook at and what internal temp should I aim for? I just don't want to dry this thing out and I know I'll get a better flavor out of smoking it myself even if I'm only heating it. Any and all help is greatly needed and appreciated.

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Were it me, I would maybe rub it olive oil, salt and pepper inside and out, then put it in the smoker to an IT of 165 just to be safe. I wouldn't attempt to do a load of smoke, I would only gently smoke it with a light wood, I like pecan but that's just me. Don't over do it.
Thanks. . . I actually happened to put a light salt and pepper rub on it and injected it with some Cajun butter and smoked to 165 with apple wood. . . Turned out amazing

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