Curing and Sous Vide Turkey Question

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Original poster
Nov 24, 2013
Hi folks, I posted awhile ago about some cured and sous vide turkey deli meat I'd made following a ChefSteps recipe. In my post I said I sous vide'd for 3 hours at 145F, but looking at their recipe again I see they say 131F for 3 hours. When I get home I'll have a look at my book to see what temp I cooked at, but I wanted to ask you guys about that combo. Is 131F for 3 hours too low of a time and temp? Does the curing process allow it to be cooked at a lower time and temp? All the other SV turkey breast recipes I see say 145F but they don't use cure to get that hammy texture. On their website, a couple people asked if that was a safe time and temp combo and they reassured them it was, but I want to get your opinion. Cheers!


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