Smoking a Jennie-O Without Skin

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Arapaho G

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Jan 12, 2024
Hello All, I will be smoking a store bought Jennie-O enhanced turkey that already contains an 8% solution of turkey broth and salt. I want to do this skinless so that has me a little confused. I want to brine and inject to keep it moist. I have looked all over the internet about this and find conflicting opinions. Should I brine and inject this bird even though it is already enhanced? Anyone faced this one before? Thanks.
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Just my opinion, but I wouldn't inject, they have done that already.
As for brining, if you do, use a lot less salt than the brine recipe calls for.
With no skin, you may want to wrap in foil to prevent drying.
Yup. The few times I've done this. I injected as well. I've always felt that these companies inject for weight. Not flavor.
I agree, we've done side by side comparisons before with no injection vs the bird from the bag and there has been a difference. Also, injection adds some flavor.

I'm weird, I like to hang my birds in ham bags for the smoking process with the neck opening facing down. The flap of skin covering the "hole" from the neck will slow down some of the juices escaping and help a bit.

As for skinless, I can't help there, I'm a fat freak...
I've always felt that these companies inject for weight.
Exactly . I've had them say " Up to 19% added " . Most of that is in the bag .

I debone the breast . Roll the skin back , season , then tie the skin back on .
Toss the skin after the cook .
Thanks guys for all your responses. I've decided to inject, and then smoke at 250-275 in a pan containing chicken broth and butter. I'll use a dry rub and then baste as I go. Hopefully it stays moist without the skin.
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I remember Jennie-o's being a loaf of deli style meat in an aluminum pan. That you tossed in the oven for however long. You could get either white meat, dark meat or a combo.

I like the Jennie-o breasts, picked up several right about Christmas for .50 lbs gave some away and think I have 2 left, seasoned and thrown into a crock pot aint bad if you cant get out to smoke it, with the warm up I may smoke 1, let use know how it turns out maybe save me the trouble lol
I smoke boneless skinless chicken breasts almost weekly and they come out juicy as can be…


I would suggest smoking it at 265 and I would also suggest also removing a portion of the back bone like this…

This will help improve the air flow and more uniform smoke.

I would brine or inject…..I do it all the time in an enhanced bird with no issues as the others have said. Most of that enhanced liquid goes down the drain when you thaw the bird.

final thoughts. I would season the outside like it was dropped in the sand level. Then I would smoke it and not baste it or do anything while it is smoking. But I would not smoke it till the breasts are a INT of 165 I would smoke it till they are a INT of 155 up against the bone. Then once there I would transfer it to the house over @ 145 covered with foil for 30-45 mins. This will soften the surface and make sure the whole bird is at pasteurization temp through. It also rests it at temp to prevent moisture loss when cut.

Good lock and post pics of your work!
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Yup. The few times I've done this. I injected as well. I've always felt that these companies inject for weight. Not flavor.
:emoji_thinking: I think Steve nailed it - I too have wet brined & injected several turkeys (pre-solutioned) that turned out great.
Well. Even a broken clock is right twice a day................!!
Today was the day. All went well and it turned out great! Moist and juicy. I smoked at 250 until it reached 260. Took it out and covered with foil. Dinner tonight, but I had to sample it. Very tasty indeed.
This was also the maiden voyage for my new Auber universal controller, new A-Maze-N 12" tube, and first smoke with pellets (Lumberjack Cherry). I've learned a lot here in the last few weeks. Everything worked great especially the tube and pellets. The controller wouldn't hold temp, kept dropping. I would reset the temp on the controller and then it would work. Testing it now in an empty smoker and it's holding fine. Maybe the sensor was up against the bird or something. Not sure. IMG_0066.jpg
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