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    Pork shoulder questions

    Wanting to tackle smoking a pork shoulder for the first time on my new OKJ Bronco drum smoker. Assuming my meat is in the 6-7 pound range (I think that's pretty average), what's a good temperature to target for the chamber? I'm thinking 250-260F might be appropriate. And if I'm able to maintain...
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    General question about brisket and internal temperature

    I have about 10 years of experience as a Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) owner, but my results smoking briskets has always been very hit or miss. The guidance I've had suggests that once it reaches somewhere in the 200-205F range internal, then it's time to pull it and let it rest (wrapped, of course)...
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    Oklahoma Joe Bronco Pro and Pit Viper Fan

    Just wanted to post that I have an Oklahoma Joe Bronco Pro and I have been trying to find a good way to mount the pit viper fan onto the intake pipe. Home Depot sells a rubber reducer with clamps that works perfectly for anyone trying to do the same here is a picture below: