Pulled pork

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Feb 3, 2024
Portland, OR
Whenever Kroger has cheap pork shoulders, I buy a few and throw them in the freezer. Here's a 9.5 lb. done on a Bronco barrel for 10 hrs. Many meals for my wife & I, on sesame buns with sweet pickles and Sweet Baby Ray's:

Some good looking PP. Butts were .99/lb the other day at our Hannafords, and St.Louis ribs 2.99/lb. Unfortunately/fortunately for me our freezer is on the full side.

Point for sure
Dang! A 9.5 pounder in 10 hours? My WSM would take at least twice that time. Nice job!
Thanks. I used to have one of those, but don't anymore. I upgraded to a small offset, then to an Oklahoma Joe's Bronco barrel. You pack them full of charcoal & wood chunks, and they smoke forever.
What temperature where you running that you got it done in 10 hours?

I just did a 7 pounder and it took 14.
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