pork chops

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  1. millerbuilds

    Pork Chops- Dry Brined, Smoked and a quick Glaze

    I have made many pork chops over the years, but I always wet brined them. I picked some up last week, I always dry brine my beef and venison, so I thought I would try dry brining pork chops for 24 hours, then smoke and glaze just before pulling off the pit. Trimmed them up Dusted with Salt...
  2. chopsaw

    Schnitzel ( Double cut loin chops )

    @bill ace 350 inspired me when I saw his German themed pork plate the other day . Still has my mouth watering . I had a whole boneless pork loin that I needed to do something with . I cut a 3 pound hunk out and got it cured up to go into a Umai bag in a couple weeks . Then double cut some chops...
  3. DougE

    Thick cut boneless chops

    I just seasoned them up with a commercial rub I had sitting there in my prep area. Into the pot. With trial and error, I found the best time/temp for pork chops is 2 hours at 145°. I just did the sear with a torch. I sear on the grill or over a chimney of hot coals sometimes but I mostly use...
  4. A

    Smoked Pork Chops

    Hello All, I am planning on smoking pork chops for the very first time. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for what did work or didn't work? My plan is to smoke them at 250 for roughly an hour with very light hickory smoke.
  5. millerbuilds

    Pork Chops 2 ways - Stuffed and Not Stuffed

    Hey all, I have never stuffed a pork chop, I have stuffed many pork loins and pork tenderloins. So I figured I would give it a try, but only one in the event I screwed up, we would still have a meal. Started with a fresh thick cut chop. Sauteed some apples in butter, shallot, sage, and a...
  6. jayd4wg

    Brown Beer Pork Chops with Chopped Kale Salad

    Normally I like to use thicker boneless chops for this...but we had these in the freezer. Credit where it's due, this marinade is from Sam the Cooking Guy on Food Network. 4-6 Thick Boneless or bone in Pork Loin Chops 1 bottle of brown beer (I like Sams Brown Ale or Honey Brown) 1/2 cup soy...
  7. BoilerBBQ

    Jeff’s Gouda bacon chops

    I just happened to have some pork chaps thawing out when Jeff’s email went out with a recipe for Gouda and bacon stuffed pork chops. I started with some super thick chops from Costco. I butterflied them and rubbed them with my pork rub while the bacon was cooking in the cast iron skillet. The...
  8. Preacher Man

    Pork Chops by 8 Year Old Prodigy

    Some of y'all have probably read on here that I've got my daughter trained on checking meat prices every time we walk into the grocery store. She loves to cook and is the same one who took second at a chili cook-off this past New Year's Eve. A couple of days back she came up to me with a...
  9. SmokinAl


    I was at Publix yesterday picking up a couple of bottles of wine for Judy & had to swing by the meat counter. Saw some pork chops & thought we haven't had these in a while, so I asked the butcher if he could cut me a couple of 1" thick bone in pork loin chops. Surprise to me the total bill was...