Our next venture. Maybe!

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
Lago Vista, Texas
That's a really nice boat Steve. We see a lot of those on our lake...when there's water in the lake. Harris makes a very good boat and nicely equipped. Can't go wrong with that one buddy.



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Jan 27, 2015
Nice rig Steve, hope its in the cards for you guys.
The Tritoon is the way to go. That's what most people along the Missouri River are running. Tons of pontoons for sale as everyone is going the triple.

Holey smokes civilsmoker civilsmoker , that's wild.
A tri-hull with 300hp is a very nice setup! I have spent time on the Missouri river in one and it was a very nice day!

Didn't want to hi-jack Steve's thread "too much" but yes wild (adrenaline filled)! The message is get the "right boat" for the waters you will use and for what you want to do!!!
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