Yes Beef Ribs and Potato Roses with Poppy seed slaw

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David, those are some of the coolest potato sides I have ever seen! WELL DONE!!!!!!

Thanks civil for the comment

Yes they were fun to do, I saw them in a picture somewhere and looked them up. Few different way to do them . But I likjed this way . Now that I know they work, I will change up the profile with extra items , onions , maybe not peel the potatoes to give more contrast to the rose colour etc.

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Yes Beef Ribs and Potato Roses with Poppy seed slaw

First off I have been MIA, off and on for a couple weeks just a couple minutes at a time, sometimes life just sucks

Now on to this cook I did Friday just as the big storm hit Nova Scotia again,

Started of with a small pack of 3 bone beef ribs ( beef grilling back ribs on the package )
Only salt , ground black pepper and touch of garlic powder

View attachment 671251 View attachment 671254

Into the smoker at 275 deg. with black cherry chips and 1 chunk
After couple hours , starting to look good

View attachment 671262 View attachment 671263
When they were down to roughly an hour and a half to go I started to make the Potato Roses

Sliced up potatoes nice and thin, laid out 2 strips and topped with the potatoes, make sure they over lap

View attachment 671255 View attachment 671256
As best you can roll them up and place into a greased muffin tins Next time I will not peel them as it might give an even better look when finished

View attachment 671258 View attachment 671259
I than mixed up some melted butter with pepper ( no salt because of the bacon ) dried parsley garlic powder ( you could add what flavours you would want to have )
In the oven at 375 for about 40 minutes , than covered and cooked for an other 30 minutes ( to make sure the bacon was cooked inside, then the last 15 minutes uncovered
( I did pull and remove some of the fat that built up in the tray and the empty cup )
View attachment 671260 View attachment 671261

So the ribs are at 172 IT so I wrapped them and back in for an hour, than pulled , took a look and smell Mmmmmmm.
took in house and let rest while the roses were finishing up in the oven.

View attachment 671264 View attachment 671268

So all rested and ready for supper, here is the cut shots

View attachment 671269 View attachment 671270
View attachment 671271View attachment 671272

These were done great for my liking , and sorry on the last 15 minutes for the roses i topped with a little grated cheddar

View attachment 671273View attachment 671274

Here is my supper with a little poppyseed coleslaw

View attachment 671275
View attachment 671276
View attachment 671277 View attachment 671278View attachment 671279View attachment 671280

The ribs were so juicy and full of beef flavour, and the potato roses , great with all the bacon flavour and crispy edges,
This is a meal I was really looking forward to . And I was very happy and I enjoyed as i was eating by myself

This was fantastic and will be done again , and of coarse I will test other flavours , maybe thin sliced onions in the roses , different spice profile on the ribs, but that is what it is about.

Thanks for looking ]


Side notes about the weekend
Mona was away for 12 days to see her other sister in BC, coming home tomorrow, ( which was Saturday ) But now the storm is going crazy
lightning and thunder and none stop heavy rain. In the end we had 200mm -300mm in our area, We were hit with the most in Bedford and Sackville.
10 pm I went to the basement office to post this ( did not happen until today Sunday ) as i got to the bottom steps I was greeted with my new indoor pool.
After I stopped swearing I got the shop van from shop and went to work , finished just in time to pick up Lovie at the airport Saturday morning.
On the way to the airport i was not sure if I would make it as all night long I was getting Alerts on phone saying roads everywhere closed form the flooding.
Cars were everywhere just abandoned from during the night before.
The storm was just down to rain by this time and her plane made it in. But we were the hardest hit in NS. I had pulled out the boats and glad I did there were a couple Pontoon boats floating around in the morning , they were quickly gathered up.

Thank god there was no real wind at all it was just freaky warm and still not counting the HEAVY rain.

All good today , just clean up and I found where the water came in at . So digging up the side end of house and fixing today .
Never had water in the basement ( from the outside ever lol ) Everything can be fixed , just a pain to have to .

Sorry for the rant , just another day in paradise, lol

Thanks for the recipe. I will try that soon. I'm really sorry for your weather problems but happy to know your wife made it home safely.
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Thanks for the recipe. I will try that soon. I'm really sorry for your weather problems but happy to know your wife made it home safely.

Thanks for the like and the comment

Yes give it a try , fun to do and very tasty and nice display on the table.

Thanks about the weather and safe flight for wife .

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