One Big Butt

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Nov 12, 2006
Saxton, Pa.
Here is a 9# butt that is just about to go on the ECB.. Been marinading in a wasabi mustard all night and this morning i gave it a good rub. the smoke is going to be apple. weather here today is gonna be HOT in the 90's and my painting project is going slow, keep finding a lot of wood that needs replaced.

got 160' of new gutter coming and a bunch of siding so i'm one busy mudder, heck of a vacation can't wait for monday to go back to work

anyways here comes da butt

Looking good! We'll have all of PA smelling good.

BTW I checked out your pics of the venison hind quarter. Wish I could have tried a bit. Makes me consider violating a few game laws. (Just kidding. Don't call the WaCO's)
Looks good, are you going to pull or slice, largest I've done is 61/2lbs. Just
curious on cooking times and temps and whether you foil or not. I have taken
mine to 200° and pulled but I haven't foiled like people talk about
just sprayed and probed, temps at 155-160 depending where you put the thermometer, 'bout ready to foil unless it hit the plateau..been spraying with a mix of sweet apple cider and the rest of the boones farm apple blossom wine(hic).

Nice update, you say foil unless it plateaus? I find that foil helps thru the plateau faster, doesnt dry out as bad waiting for it to get thru!
Keep us updated.
Just pulled it out of the cooler after it rested for an hour and WOW HOT HOT HOT stuck the thermometer in for S-G and it was 210. put it on a tray and let set for 15 mins and grab the bone, slid right out, and practically fell apart not much effort was used to shred..and tasty MMMMMMMMMMMM-mmmmmmmm man was it good.

i ran out of lump cause i forgot to pick some up, only had a half bag, so i finished it with briquettes which raised my teps to 275 for the last 2 hours but it didn't hurt it may have helped.. took 12 hours and got a ton of work done too so i'm HAPPY

Grab a bun cause here it comes



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