This hail damage repair never going to be over!

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Aug 1, 2018
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Seven months now and still dealing with this! Finally got Allstate to pay for the other half of roof and it is done now. They would not cover shed but roofer covered it. Been waiting weeks for metal to come in for patio. They tore it off today and the metal they got is 14' and need 16'. Now all my grills and smokers exposed while wait for new metal. Says have it Monday. Siding guy final ready to do siding. Wanted to come today but they where doing patio and did not want them in his way so he suppose to come Monday. If roofer shows up Monday now to finish, siding guy not going to be happy. It been a real challenge to get siding done as its just one wall and guy really does not want to do it. Allstate did not pay enough to do siding but they going to try to get more after job is done. I so tired of dealing with this!!!! I got 12 lbs of cured chicken breast to smoke today and without the roof its really hot.

Went to get RecTec fired up and with no roof over and sun shining in it it was a sight to see! The inside was really bad. I scrapped everything and vac. Not much fun in full sun and 95 degrees and just got done taking a shower. I was also able to close a hole with the metal out of the way where squirrels been getting in the attic of my add on room for years. OK found a movie to watch, Interstellar I bought Old Fashion makings yesterday. Time to get drinking!
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My heart goes out to you. Hang in there.
I was flooded with six inches of water in my basement one spring. For an entire month I was manually pumping water from my basement. Every six hours I had to suck all the water out and wait for it to start all over again.

I feel for you.
Try to stay cool and enjoy the smell of the smoke. That and a couple beers works for me.
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We had hail damage In April. Totaled the roof and some siding damage and a new sunroom that was put on the house had damage also before it was even finished!!
The last repair is scheduled for late November fingers crossed.
Our insurance handled things very well in fact better than I could ask for.
Last Saturday a driver backed into our SUV and the headaches are starting all over again.
I definitely feel your pain literally so hang in there it will get better.
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Life is grand isn't it?


This is what I found when I went to do chores this morning... pressure tank blew! Normally sits against cement wall in the back of this pic. Guess I'm thankful it didn't go through the roof! Bad start to my day... was worse that half the combine was taken apart last night to fix major damages. Kinda glad I wasn't there when it blew!

Well as I figured the siding guy left until roofers almost done. I really should of painted beams before metal replaced but just been to hot to do it. The siding color not a match but told him to just go with it. With any luck will wrap this up today!!!
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Well as I figured the siding guy left until roofers almost done. I really should of painted beams before metal replaced but just been to hot to do it. The siding color not a match but told him to just go with it. With any luck will wrap this up today!!!
If it's vinyl or aluminum siding with any age to it. It won't match at first due to fading, but in a couple of years or so it should match up pretty well.
Feel for you Bryan, my upstairs bathroom leak was end of June and everything still pulled apart. Insurance co is offering $32K, first estimate was 3X that. Unfortunately the wife to totally blow it out so $$$$$$
Still has a little to finish up. Just as he was finishing up for the day internet went out. Optic led flashing on controller. Played with wires but nothing. Made appt for Wed morn. Went back out and pulled on Optic wire and finally got to work. Just cant live without internet! There must be bad connection in back of box where the cable from the ground connects to cable to controller. I have laser appt for Gretchen Wed and dont want to cancel so going to reschedule Frontier. Those laser treatments has really slowed this degenerative myelopathy Gretchen has. I really did not expect her to make it this long. They finished up metal roof now to clean the mess up. Was time for fall cleaning anyhow. About a 16" wide section of brick next to garage door is not attached to house. You can push it in an out. Guy wanted to fix it for $800. Told him it been like that for over $30 years. I just live with it.
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I hear you, Brian. I've been fighting with Allstate for almost a year now over damage to my roof, inside rooms, and deck from a bad neighbor's falling tree. (One of several.) Been thru 7 or 8 different adjusters and each one wants to start from scratch, and wants to exclude everything they can. Between us and the contractor pestering them, it's been quite an ordeal. We still are not completely whole, and the contractor is still not finished, either.
Then, to add insult to injury, I just got my new yearly contract with Allstate. My homeowner's insurance has more than doubled in one year. We're planning on selling soon, so it doesn't make sense to switch at the last minute, but it still galls me.
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