Offset gotta haves....

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Apr 17, 2020
Southaven, MS
So seenred seenred is in the process of building me a vertical offset. I was wondering with the fine group of enablers we have on here.....What are some for sure "gotta haves" to get me started in the world of stickburners? I know its gonna be a while before its ready just thinking a head.

No sure how seenred builds the firebox but when I had might built I asked the to make a removable ash tray in the bottom of the firebox so I could just pull it out to empty the ashes. I’m glad I did, it makes cleaning the ashes out so easy
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Depending on who you buy it from around here. It's anywhere from 250.00 to 400.00 for seasoned. We can still gather already felled trees on public property for free.


Edit that's for a full cord
In a perfect world, the best smoke wood on God's green earth, in my humble opinion, is standing dead shag bark hickory, but any other standing dead hickory will do in a pinch.

If cut & dried is all I could get I would be grateful.

If cut green hickory was all I could get, I would be grateful, and patient...
Like many above (and they put so well)
  • Wood
  • Charcoal
  • Coal Starter
  • lighter
  • portable burner to easily and quickly start coals.
  • hatchet
  • poker
  • 3 and 1 inch stainless scrapers
  • long tongs
  • assortment of sizes wire brushes
  • stainless coal bucket
  • dedicated welding/smoking gloves
  • 9 mil nitril cleaning gloves
  • "tool box", waterproof for the above
  • Protein
  • Speed dial # of fav take out....
What will be your first cook in the "beast"? Plan that meat.
I will second, third, or whatever. Wood! You need wood. No pun or innuendo intended.
Green is usually cheap to source as long as you have space to let it season.
Do you have an area for the new smoker to reside?
Moisture meter to test wood before paying too much for green/wet wood.
The difference between cooking with splits at 15% internal moisture and splits at 30% moisture is vast and can make you a pitmaster or a dud depending.
Unseasoned wood can take years to dry to below 20% and storing wood comes with it's own set of problems, such as attracting rodents and insects.
Ask me how I know.
HMMM.....Looking at this list I have a lot of this already. Although I may need to pick up a little OT for the rest of it. Thankfully I got some time before its ready for pickup!

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