Offset gotta haves....

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What will be your first cook in the "beast"? Plan that meat.
I will second, third, or whatever. Wood! You need wood. No pun or innuendo intended.
Green is usually cheap to source as long as you have space to let it season.
Do you have an area for the new smoker to reside?
I figure i'll run a biscuit test first to figure hot spots and to just get used to it. chopsaw chopsaw on the build tread gave some good advice on getting it up to temps. And I'm thinking first cook will be something pretty forgiving....Probably a pork butt. And I've already got a spot picked out for it on the patio. Dimension wise its not gonna be much bigger than my MB gasser and cart I've got it on. The gasser is about on its last leg. So i'll prob do away with it and use the cart for my kettle. It will give the little extra height i've been looking for.
I'll add a beer-pole to Civils list.


Beer! Or your choice of drink... it will be long days of smoking! Someone had to say it... all the other guys have ya covered on the other stuff!

Holy crap! I havent even thought about a beer pole! And yep i'm looking for a nice comfortable chair for the patio so I can enjoy a drink (beer or harder) depending on weather and time of day while i'm minding the fire.

The kindling cracker has been mentioned but I also like my little chainsaw. Most of my splits come 18” long and I cut them down a little. It’s way less of a pain then my skill saw or miter saw.
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