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Jan 12, 2024
Started a batch of my Alaskan sockeye into Nova Lox. Thanks to thirdeye thirdeye , its his ideas.
First , debone them and get them all ready for the process.
Mix up your special blend of magic and put it on these babies, put them skin up on wrap. Wrap them good and tight!
Put them in frig with cutting board and weights.
After 12 hrs in frig, rinse em nice and easy. Right into into the brine , that you made yesterday and let cool. Back into frig. More to come tomorrow ! Man they look and feel nice lol.


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After 12 brine soak. Did the soak(freshen) option for 10 min after fast rinse and water change. Dried them off well. Into the frig overnight on jerky racks. Nex day at noon, today, into the smoker for cold smoke. Keep you posted


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My camera isnt the gretest on my old Iphone 8 but you get the idea. Its a detailed process but oh so worth it. Light dusting of white pepper is all it needed before the smoking, forgot to add.
This batch is for my buddies son who I went to Alaska with. He asked very nicely lol. Hope this was fun and informative. Lmk If you need any help with it. Or ask the expert for sure - thirdeye thirdeye .


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Got any recommendations for "special blend of magic?" I'm not sure what to do here, but I'd love to follow along. These look delicious!
Sorry late reply
I did 2/3 cup dark brown sugar, 2/3 cup Kosher salt *For each fillet* which average 2 lbs or less.
Mix well. Add .0025 x total weight filletin grams for cure in Grams if want to cold smoke. I cold smoke it without it in cold temps but thats my call. Aside from that. The mix is as simple as I listed All thx to thirdeye thirdeye
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