Not Sure Where This Fits....

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Sep 16, 2006
Have a chance to pick up an old "Boiler" tank. Stands about 7ft tall an about 4ft round. Only problem..It's "GALVANIZED". Yes..I know whats comming next. All the bad stuff about galvanized. But..if a fire is not built in it, just the smoke, is there still an issue? Anyone know at what temp it starts giving off the bad fumes? Thanks.
I had an email about that a while back and prompted me to do some research... seems like it was in excess of 1200 degrees before the metal would produce any fumes at all.

From my research it seemed fine to use as long as the food is not in direct contact. the zinc oxide is not absorbed thru the skin.

Sure are a lot of galvanized trash can smokers floating around..

If you happen to weld on it, make sure to have plenty of ventilation and don't breathe the fumes.

Might look up the msds information on it just for good measure.
I have read basically the same thing cajun. I could not have given the temp. for sure, but it was very high and likely to not be an issue.

Good to see you on, hadn't saw you in a while.
Thanks Jeff, I thought the temp was rather high before the fumes were dangerous. I will do some research before I do anything.
Thanks for the reply Ultramag. These spring and summer months are my busiest. Hardly ever see home.
Hopefully I'll have pics of this thing tomorrow, to post. Looks trashy right now, various pipes sticking from it.
Now..vertical or horizontal????? Thinking horizontal. easier to make racks for.
The problem is zinc oxide and is primarily a problem when welding, cutting or braising galvanized metals. Zinc oxide, according to its MSDS, has a vapor point of 1975 degrees C. I agree with Jeff, to be safe don't have any food touch the galvanized area. Probably make a great smoke chamber.
Horizontal or vertical??? Probably depends on what materials you have available and what you want out of it. It's gonna be a hell of smoker either way I bet cajun. I would go horizontal I think, but I have this deep rooted desire to smoke whole hogs.
Can it be ground off maybe ... okay dumb idea to much work.

Painted over? Lined with really thin steel? Aluminum paint?
Debi..I feel everyone is correct. If the food doesn't touch the metal, everything should be ok.
Whole hogs...Mag, If I were ever so lucky. For me, that would be the ultimate smoke.
How is your smoker these days? Last I heard, you were working franticly on it for the annual meeting.
I think you have me and the Gunslinger mixed up cajun. I'm doing the BDS and WSM thing now for the most part. Very little work at all, let alone frantic.

On the very rare times I get to go whole hog it is on a home-built double Texas Hibachi. It is a very rare occasion for parties me and a friend team up and do one. Like the song says, "All my rowdy friends have settled down." Can't hardly get a party big enough to do a whole hog anymore.
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