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Mar 20, 2006
Rock Hill, SC
My name is Ron and I just got my first smoker, successfully smoking some country style ribs and salmon filets. The smoker is a Brinkman Gormet Electric. We bought electric because our condo association does not allow fired grills on your porch! What a pain but this smoker did a great job, especially for my first time out. I did my homework and brined the Salmon before smoking it and I was amazed at how well it came out. Now I'm looking to smoke everything in sight! Chicken wings will coming next.
Howdy goodwyne.

Congrats on the new smoker and your first time out. :D When you got to play by the rules, you use what's allowed, the electric sounds like it fits the bill for your situation. Just glad the restrictions didn't keep you from smoking. Sounds like you ate good! Don't forget pictures if you can get'em.
I hadn't thought of picture but I'll get them on the wings! The salmon looked great and pictures would have showed that. The ribs came out a bit dry so I think I left them on too long, though the flavor was great. Country style ribs are pretty thick so I think I'll try spare ribs next for pork. I'm really looking forward to the wings though. We used to get smoked wings at a place called Speedy Pig in Fayetteville, GA and they were awesome. Most of the time the'd be gone before we could get them home.
goodwyne, welcome to Smoking Meat Forums. There is nothing work with going electric. In fact my brother has an electric smoker (Lil Chief I think) and I haven't yet turned his down offerings. There is a lot of good tips and tricks to be found here, you just got to be willing to read all the topic threads. :P As far as dry country style ribs, I smoke mine until they are 140 degrees internal then wrap them in some heavy duty (HD) aluminum foil with some apple juice poured over them and put them back into the smoker for a couple more hours (minus the smoke). Once the internal temp reaches 180-190 degrees, I'll pull them from the foil and place them back on the rack and add a 'que sauce or a glaze to them and add a little smoke for 30 minutes. Pull and enjoy!
Hey welcome to the group Ron. Don't that suck when you live somewhere that makes you follow rules, hopefully your smokes will smell so delicious, the neighbors won't complain, they will just come over with plates in hand....
yo ron dude,
im glad to see another electric smoker.

i have a char-broil vertical electric water smoker.
some call it a bullet style smoker.

i luv it,
its so easy to use.

there is a lot good folks around these parts.

i think this place is great
Hey Ron!
Good to see you with us man! Now as for that electric smoker.... I once apologized to a friend because I riding my Honda and not my Harley. (Harley was in shop) He said to me," What difference does it make? You're ridin', aren't ya?" Same goes for the smoker! You're smokin', aren't ya?
Welcome to our great site. We are dedicated to making this the best, most informative site on the net. And, please, let your sense of humor shine here!
Well so far I've smoked salmon (twice), chicken breasts (twice) and a pork roast using Jeff's rub (awesome) and all of it has come out wonderful! I've become a smoking fool. This weekend I'm doing wings and I'm going to try it without the water pan to get higher temps. Wish me luck! And maybe I'll remember to take pics this time.

By the way, thanks for all the good words. I really like this place and I've learned lot here already.
That's one of the reasons why we're here Ron-to help each other out and to offer encouragement. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.