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Jan 6, 2006
Canton, Michigan
Greetings everyone, My name is Todd...I just had a birthday yesterday and received a GOSM from my best friends for a present....guess they want some smoked Venison and Moose that Ive been stockin up on this fall. Im so glad that I ran across this forum today, Ive learned so much in the last hour that ive been pokin around. Take care everyone and im sure Ill be talkin with yall shortly.
Glad to have you Todd! The GOSM is a great smoker in my opinion and lots of folks here own one (or two) so you should be able to get lots of tips and advice.

Take care!
Welcome Todd!! You have found the BEST site for smoking foods on the 'Net. As you have found out, there is a lot of stuff to learn here and us "oldtimers" (as we have been called) will help you along in perfecting your art of the Thin Blue Smoke.

I use a GOSM widebody and have loved using it. THe door thermometer is a bit quirky in cold weather, so you may want to think about getting one of the Maverrick Digital thermometers.

Happy Birthday!!
Greetings Todd!

I am one of the folks that have two! I have owned a total of four GOSM smokers but gave two of them to family members when I upgraded to the Big Blocks. I hope you get as much use from yours as I do with mine. :D Happy Birthday (yesterday)!
Hello, Todd. Welcome to our group!

I also own two GOSM's and try to keep at least one of 'em smokin' as often as possible. I am happy to offer any advice or help that you may need.

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