Newbie from Oregon

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Feb 11, 2023
Hey All

Just retired in January so I need some new hobbies. Bought an MES30 and a mailbox. It's my first attempt at smoking so I've got a learning curve ahead of me. Lots of great info here in the forums so I'd like say thanks in advance. I had no idea there's so much to getting everything right and I'm looking forward some great meals ahead!
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lol! Welcome from upstate NY! Don't worry. We'll help you along the way. You know. Helping you spend your money on things. There are a few on here that just love doing this!! Not mentioning names......
Hello from RI!

Lots of MES owners here including myself.Any questions about them and you will get answers!
Welcome from pa , great place here. Just make sure to get a independent thermometer to take temps inside, the factory thermometer is known to be off on these.
Welcome aboard, Since you have the MES30 and the mailbox mod. You may want to look into or research a PID controller.

Thanks for the welcome guys! I'm looking into a thermometer for both the smoker temp and the meat and I read about the PID controller last week. I'll get some pics of my first attempt. I'll try some ribs and some variation of the 3-2-1 method just to get my feet wet.
Glad to have you, but be forewarned, watch out for that Steve guy Steve H Steve H , he's the enabler-in-chief around here and is very capable of helping you spend your money... 🤣 🤣
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