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Nov 26, 2020
Hey guys, just thought I’d put this up because I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. There’s a barbecue restaurant in town that’s been closed for a couple years next to the hardware store. Well, I was there today buying some stuff and couldn’t help but walk over and check out the 500 gallon mounted to a trailer that’s been sitting unused for two years, so I did some digging and got a hold of the owner. I was expecting him to want 5-6 grand at least, but I picked it up for 1500 dollars. 1/4 inch cast iron, the real deal. I don’t have pictures yet but will post them as soon as I get it to the house.
Always good to be in the right place at the right time and be willing to take the leap and ask the questions. Great deal! Looking forward to seeing pictures.
Flip it if you can.
That size smoker will take more fuel to get to temp than you desire to smoke a couple of butts or briskets
I know. People are starting to ask for my stuff around town a bit though, and as long as my overhead is covered on the meat and fuel, I don’t have any problem doing a few hundred pounds of meat on the weekends 😉
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You guys are all going to call me an idiot for this. I didn’t buy the 500 gallon, I found a thousand gallon offset with a 250 gallon vertical on a trailer covered and wired so I bought that instead. It’s insane, but I’m going to get another business license and run it at fairs and events once I dial it in. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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