Tough casings question

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Oct 15, 2023
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I mentioned this in a thread I had in the wild game section, but I’m gonna ask specifically here where more may see it.

I have a Hank of hog casings that I soaked and rinsed for weeks and stored w Morton’s salt and cap of vinegar. They are beautiful and easy to work with, BUT they are a little chewey. Am I doing something wrong or is this the norm? Maybe I shouldent be stuffing SS in hog casings?

I’ve been peeling the casings off but that’s kinda a pain too.

The top portion has been peeled in this pic. And suggestions?


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This is a great thread on treating and storing natural casings . I do all my hog and sheep this way .
Big difference .

Long hang times on natural casings can cause them to be tough . I bet that's the cause of some of your trouble .

What brand casings do you have ? I was buying from the sausage maker , but the last batch I got from Syracuse casing . I don't like the pre tubed , some people do . I take them off the tube and store wet .
I’ve been peeling the casings off but that’s kinda a pain too.
Run them under some water . Should come right off .
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Thanks chopsaw! That thread from Jo on the casings is how I’m storing them.

I got the Hank from a local butcher shop. I assumed it was from hogs they butcher but not sure on that.
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Nothing wrong doing it in hog casings , but if you're smoking them start to finish , I would think that's where they're getting chewy .
If you like the size you could use collagen .

I've been using the cloth bags for summer sausage type stuff . I like the look .

I get those at

I just bought some 1 1/2 fibrouse for pepperoni that would work good too .
I am smoking them start to finish….along with a overnight hang before smoking. I’ll check out the bags, thanks for the link!
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.along with a overnight hang before smoking. I’ll check out the bags, thanks for the link!
That might be an issue by itself .
I do it with large diameter stuff , but for hog I think I would keep in the fridge overnight covered .
Hang at room temp for 60 to 90 minutes , then go to the smoker .
Dry / smoke / cook .
Keep us posted .
Ok thanks a lot, I was wondering if that was it! Can’t wait to do another batch now - I got some elk that needs needs ate!
Thanks again - ya I’m happy w the looks….I’ve come a long way with you, and everyone else here helping me.
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Not trying to beat this to death , but if you do a larger batch , try a section poached to finish .
After going in the smoker , dry , then start your smoke . When it takes enough color , pull a section and poach on the stove in a pot of water . 175 ish for 30 minutes for hog casing size . Do the rest as you would in the smoker .
Compare the 2 .
I like SS start to finish in the smoker , but you could try the poaching and see what you think .
OK , I'm off the Gordon's food service . I'm craving SS now . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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