New RT700

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I assume you mean an RT700. A rain cover for sure. Since you apparently live in Houston I doubt you will need a cold weather cover. I really dont use much else.

Revision - The large interior rack/shelf can be handy depending on the needs. I use it for large batches of jerky.
I think I'm finally ready to pull the trigger on an R700. Are there any absolute must have accessories that I should get with it?
In addition id recommend the front shelf. Enjoy theyre great machines
Yes, RT700 -- rookie mistake. :)

Thanks for the tip on the interior rack. Reading the description for the grill, I had the impression that the shelf was tall enough to let you fit a second row of brisket or similar but looking at the specs it only gives you about 4" of clearance. Seems like it's more for veggies, shrimp, jerky (as you suggested) or other things that might fall though the grates.
OH YES front shelf for sure!! Its a permanent install but it does fold down.
Good luck with the cover! I have one for mine and it's a PITA to get on and off. I smoked chicken thighs this weekend and had intended to smoke them on the 700. I ended up smoking them on the kettle instead just out of pure laziness and not wanting to fight with that cover. That cover is going to be the reason I finally get a roof built over my patio even with the price of lumber through the roof!
The cover requires a little patience when putting it on, and removing it, but it does fit.
yup, not sure why they made it that way, but you will find a way and it does work. Enjoy! and post up some cooks. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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