Easy to use SS direct heat grill to supplement pellet smoker

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May 22, 2022
Since the members of this forum gave great advice to help me choose a pellet smoker for my husband (Recteq 1070, which he loves and uses constantly), I'm going to ask for the combined wisdom of the group again: I want to get him a grill for direct heat searing. Goals: 1) Must be ultra-easy to use and to clean. The 1070 is, which is why he uses it so much. 2) Must be stainless steel. Everything rusts here, and maintaining non-stainless steel violates the "easy" rule. 3) Must produce direct heat searing results as good as his formerly beloved charcoal Weber kettle grill. He's not thrilled with searing results on the 1070 with grill grates or a cast iron griddle.

I'm considering a gas grill, the Recteq Bullseye 380X, and the Weber with gas start. I'm not worried about cost--he gets a ton of use out of the 1070 and will out of a direct heat grill, too, if it's easy enough. Gas seems easy and comes in stainless steel, but not sure if he'll find the results acceptable: he doesn't think the flavor will be as good as charcoal. The 380X seems easy, we already keep pellets on hand, and it's mostly SS, but I have no idea how the flavor compares to charcoal. The Weber with gas start may slightly easier to fire up but getting the charcoal ready will still take a while, and it's not SS so it'll eventually rust like the old kettle grills. But since it's charcoal, he'll get the same flavor. Oh, and I've looked at pellet smokers that have direct heat zones, but the advantage of a separate grill is he can use it at high heat while the pellet smoker is at low heat. Advice? Experience? Thoughts?
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Can't tell you if one is better than another, but when I was looking I bought the Grilla Grills Primate.
It is propane and does take a bit of time to assemble it.
Also comes with a griddle that fits the full inside of the grill.
Don't use it often as out pellet grill is the goto for outdoor cooking.

I've had 4 pellet smokers that had the direct flame and didn't use it once on any of them.
Just seemed too small an area to me.
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Several ways to go and since budget is not an issue that certainly opens the door wide open. You are correct that a gas grill does not give the tasty smoke flavor you get from charcoal. But it is great for a quick cook. I'll list a couple options from cheap to $$$
1.There are several propane torches designed to sear meat. So cook the steak on the Recteq then hit it with a flame thrower at the end.
2. Outdoor infrared broiler. Can be a couple hundred dollars or a thousand. Maybe the best option if a perfectly seared steak is #1 goal.
3. Get a Weber gas grill or Napoleon. Both have stainless options and a sear station. Will get very hot and be able to cook chicken, hot dogs etc also for a quick weeknight dinner.
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Yup, lots of choices in grills. You can get into some rather high $$ with ones that are gas and also support an attachment allowing charcoal as well. My Hestan is an example. Short of that, I would recommend a good weber in stainless. Hard to go wrong with them.
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Hmm, y’all have given me some things to think about. Good to know which gas grills people like if we decide to go that way. And the outdoor infrared broiler is a thing I did not know existed—looks like basically a restaurant salamander for home use, which is intriguing. It’s also interesting that nobody has yet volunteered that they have a Bullseye or something similar and love it specifically for this purpose (although I have seen some other threads where people like it generally)
If you are looking for a simple easy to use grill that will sear and last a lifetime I highly suggest the Weber Q series gas grills. Built like tanks.
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