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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jhammett, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Been a smoking enthuiast for years. Used many box store smokers nothing special. Started using a trailer smoker that my school metal shop built a couple years back. Just bought an older Oklahoma Joe 13" today at a garage sale for $125 and was
    Wondering if I got a good deal. It is in great shape.
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    [​IMG]   to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

  3. Any points in how to post a picture of my new grill. I am trying to figure out the model and want to see if anyone is familiar with it
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    Here is the icon it is the one click on it 

    if you are using a phone you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page check if it is in desk top


  5. Thanks had to get on a Computer My IPhone doesn't like the site I guess. This is the pit I picked up for $125 at a garage sale. It is heavy and thick walled. I think it will smoke well and hold heat. The guy said it was an old OK Joe but didn't know the model. There is a plate on the door but its painted over. Any Ideas what this may actually be? did I get a good deal? Ive never used the upright type chamber that will be a learning process. Barrel diameter is 13"
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    J if I knew were you were in KansasI would do you a favor and take it home.Thats a great deal Happy Smoken with it.When you get a chance update your profile with location.It helps getting better answers if you have a question


     You could try switching the setting on your phone

  7. Thanks I think I got the phone figured out. This is what I have been smoking on. Hoping to use less wood on the smaller pit

  8. New smoker is doing well. Money muscle was great butts are coming along nicely. Vertical is a bit tough to get above 175 may have to move chickens into oven inside to finish
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    Welcome to the Forum !

    I looked a bit and found the 16" model just like that sold for $1500 new, so this one if smaller would have been cheaper but not by much IMO, I'd say you got one sweet deal, I have not even seen one of those before, it looks really nice, I would trade my Char Grill for that any day !

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