Checking in From Kansas

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Sep 13, 2023
Hello all! While looking at brick pit ideas, I happened across this forum. Why didn't I sign up a long time ago???

Some quick info about me:

My current daily driver is a GMG Prime. It's just easy.... I do miss cooking over coals though.

My background is in welding. I mostly ride a desk these days but still get to be around it sometimes.

I have built a number of smokers/cookers/barrels/grills over the years. Nothing too exciting though.

In the past I helped compete at numerous BBQ competitions. I was always the assistant, not the guy spending all the money. Regardless, I learned a lot and we had some respectable successes.

I'm a pepper/hot sauce junkie. Still waiting on my habaneros to come in out back.

Every fall I cook for a big party with as many as 300 or so guests. Typically butts because they're easy but I try to mix in something "special" each time too.

Favorite thing to cook and eat? Might be skirt steak churrasco style with extra spicy chimi right now.

About five years ago I found out I have Celiac disease. For any that are curious this means I can't have wheat, barley or rye in any form or amount, or my immune system goes haywire and causes internal damage. This has had a very big impact on our cooking habits, not to mention my beer drinking ambitions.

Anyway, thanks for having me!


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As a guy with Crohns Disease I welcome you to the forum! Look forward to your post and pics. Sounds like you will fit right in here perfectly. Welcome from Mississippi!

Welcome from Kentucky!

I have never been tested, but have issues with gluten as well. I can tolerate small amounts, but had to give up anything with large amounts of wheat, rye and barley. Gastro issues and that itchy rash associated with celiac result if I eat a normal (non-gluten free) diet.
Welcome from MN until I Blow past the mid and stop in FL for the winter.
My wife has gluten issues. Found sprouted products reduces the issues.
jcam222 jcam222 is our resident hot sauce expert. Search on his numerous threads.
Welcome from The Eastern Shore of Maryland glad to have you on board. I think most of us have some type of health problem.
Mine is see food and eat it.

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Welcome Phogger, glad you joined us. Great group here and you will fit right in. From Merriam, KS myself.
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Welcome Phogger, glad you joined us. Great group here and you will fit right in. From Merriam, KS myself.
I'm enjoying seeing all my 'neighbors' on here. You're in some pretty darn impressive BBQ territory there. I will be sure to give a wave next time I'm navigating 35.
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