NEPA Coal Region Soupy Sausage

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Dec 25, 2010
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These are done fermenting.

Now to hang and dry. Had to use my noggin to keep the links from touching. OUCH


5-7 day hang. I have a small 4" fan in the corner for circulation. Biltong on the rack in back

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Nice Job Rick!!

Already Looks like Coal-Cracker Heaven from here.


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Hog casings.

Thanks y'all   <-- thats southern

Yeah i was getting a brain cramp after that
Holy hanging snausages!!!! them look yummy!!!! 

A full closet of snausages is a happy ????????? maybe laundry person smelling all that goodness LOL 

These are coming out better than i expected being its the 1st time i have made these.

Looking at 2 more hang days then press for couple days in the fridge to finish before the oil.

They are drying now and shrinking as you can see in the casings.

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I'm checking in from the heart of NEPA coal country to see the finish!!

They're looking good, heyna?
Thanks y'all

I was converted to that area by my wife even though she was a Lancaster county girl.  My family is related to the Youngers and sons of the confederate soldiers. He road with Bill Quantrill. My uncle today is named after hIm. Cole Younger. On my moms side somewhere. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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