my first summer sausage money shots

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You can fridge these in their casings for a couple days, or put them in a brown paper bag, note they will start to dry some. Dont use a zip lock baggy as it can create moisture. Vac seal and freeze them for 6 months.

Nice job.
Danny for the longest storage in the freezer vac packing is the best. If you can't vac pack do not slice and freeze. Cut the chins into thirds or fourths. Wrap in several layers of Saran. Then in freezer paper. Using this method you'll get 6 months tops. We've been getting a good year out of the vac packed stuff. Using the ultra bags that Lisa sells at Vacuum Sealers Unlimited.
Great job Danny!!!  Welcome to the addiction we call sausage making! (and I mean that in a good way)....
Not sure how I missed this, but that's a good looking SS!  All of the above gave great information about storing the fruits of your labor.

Point for your first SS!
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First summer sausage looks GREAT!

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