Mrs.Teacup's new business - pics

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Feb 22, 2007
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i am in sales, but i am not trying to sell you guys anything.

mrs teacup & i have decided that she should turn her hobby into some money... for you ladies, you will think more of this than the

these are called diaper cakes... they are a unique and perfect gift for the new mom or mom to be...there are 3 layers of diapers, stuffed in between the layers are different stuff for a baby...pacifiers,oils,lotions,recieving blankets etc etc

we dont have any children between us and thought we could give a little bit to others to bring joy to them. we have given them away to various family members who enjoyed these very much...

when i first bought all the stuff for her to make these, i thought...oh well at least someone can use the stuff if this doesnt turn out... i have to say that these are very pretty....

SMF is the first to view her handywork...

please tell us what you think... the pictures do no justice on how good they really look.. the missus really wants to hear your opinions

Looks like you have a winner there...very clever idea...should take off well for the missus....
he he he, that's good.....the little missus here is a seamstress and the things she makes!!!!!!!! in fact she just put togethor a stuffed bear for jessica to have over her brother being taken away so suddenly....


That is an incredible idea! They are beautiful and provide some necessary items that are needed for the new addition. They should sell like "hot cakes". Premature congrats on a successful venture!!!
Mrs Teacup -

Those are really cool diaper cakes AND They are practical! I love practical Great idea good luck to you on your new business!

Ruth -

Great bear! You are a really amazing seamstres. I'd buy tht bear for sure! I just hope you don't have to make any more like that one.

Those things are awesome!
What a great idea Mrs. TeaCup!

Lessee, according to my signature, I have grandchild number 12 on the way
... do you build those cakes in blue?
we build these cakes in any color that you want....

sorry for taking so long in saying thank you to everyone for the incouragement with the cakes... we are in the middle of moving to a new house and internet access is shady at best...

the new house is surrounded by maples
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