A re-introduction.

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Apr 22, 2011
Washington, DC
Hi folks. I used to spend a good bit of time on here and met a lot of nice people and really enjoyed it. Then life got a little weird and I got out of the habit of smoking, grilling etc...
For the past year, my wife and I have spent about 95% of our time at her mother's place. She's getting on in years (closing on on 90) and in a short time period, she had several falls, one of which resulted in a broken hip, And then a stroke which hindered her mobility and speech, but was fairly mild. So, in March of last year, we came for a weekend visit and just never left. We own a small business and are able to work remotely, and she obviously can't live on her own. My wife does have a brother nearby, but a comparison to a screen door on a submarine comes to mind.
I've sort of gotten into a rut, using caring for her as an excuse to pretty much not do anything. We're about 4 hours from home, so I don't really know anyone around here besides my wife's family and friends. Plus, my mother-in-law isn't a big fan of BBQ, so it's been off the menu mostly.
Wife and I were talking last night and I mentioned my rut, so she suggested I cancel my self imposed pity party and start bbqing more and posting on here. So we've deemed 2024 the SUMMER OF BBQ!!!
Stay tuned....
Hey bud. Long time no see. I agree with your wife. If you need help deciding what to cook Im sure we can help you out.

Good to have you back.
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Welcome back and we'll sure help you out! Just watch out on them darn enablers around here... they like to help spend your money quite efficiently!

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Welcome back.

My dad's 96 and not in the finest of shape and has had many issues including a fall that included a broken hip/replacement. I'm fortunate that I live a few minutes away and my dad was pretty smart with his money in his youth and can provide himself proper professional care. My biggest responsibility is paying the bills and watching his money as there is no shortage of scammers and thieves trying to steal his money which has happened to him several years back.

My dad loves bbq and smoked foods but chewing is a big problem for him. Pork tenderloin cut and especially fish are on the weekend menu when Jane and I cook for him. Soups and stews with smoked meat in them are great too. Meat pies also. Maybe you could introduce some foods like that to your MIL,gives you a chance to smoke/bbq something and she may like it.

Anyways I hope you and your family enjoy the Summer.
Welcome back. I understand where you're coming from. We moved my parents in with us about 10 years ago. My dad has since passed and my mom is in her upper 80's. She always said she hated smoked foods. So I mainly stuck to the grill. I decided I would test her to see if she really didn't like smoked food. Turns out she does. Good luck with the summer BBQ's
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Welcome back! I hope your commitment to outdoor cooking this summer gives you some relief from the weight life puts on us. Looking forward to seeing your cooks.
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Sorry life got in the way but it does happen. Welcome Back
Hey Buddy it’s good to have you back! Lookin’ forward to seeing some Que cooks from ya!

Sorry to hear of your MIL’s poor health. But good on you for stepping up for her!

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