Moved up, to Smoke Hollow 44 inch...with pictures

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Dec 8, 2013
My beloved Masterbuilt's bottom rotted out, and while a stack of blocks got me through this year... I knew it was a matter of time before I would have to replace it.

Thankfully I have Smoking Meat Forums to consult... as well as other sites.

As I have no interest is competion smoking.... just being the best I can...Propane is the easiest, fastest, and quickest to clean up afterwards.

There were several smokers that I liked, and had good, to great reviews. I narrowed the field down to chef vault, and smoke hollow.

Both are large enough to lay a full brisket packer, or rib rack, without cutting in two.

I decided onthe Smoke Hollow. As both my birthday, AND Christmas will be here soon... I told my wife what to get. and being the love of my life (and someone who enjoys my cooking) she got on the old interweb, and purchased what I asked for.

The big brown truck of happiness arrived yesterday, and I spent the afternoon assembing the smoker.

Easy directions, and minimal amount of tools. I grabbed the wheel barrow, and hauled the box into the back heavy as the box was.. I didn't want to assemble in the garage, and then haul that sucker to the patio.

I just fired that bad boy up for it's first seasoning session, and am waiting for it to cool down... second seasoning sessione will be this afternoon.... and then, time allowing, I will smoke my first session this week end.

I have my notes from the masterbuilt, so I am a little ahead of the curve, but will watch my temps and times closely for the next dozen sessions.

I ran my maverick to check on temps, and found the door thermometer runs about 25 degrees UNDER the maverick's readings.

Not having any meat in the smoket, I set up both probes to see what the rangesmay be... from the top rack, to the next to bottom rack... a 2 degrees difference. setting the smoker to 300 degrees, I was able to "set it, and forget it. We will see how it does at lower temps.

love getting large packages delivered

box says it all

Assembly process begins

Assembly process ends.... look how tiny the Masterbuilt looks ( still it has been a GREAT unit)

Got the "Thin Blue Smoke" going on....will add some rope sealant to doors to ease the leakage...

Worse spread I had during the seasoning was 2 degrees top to bottom

things calmed down a bit....or??? I rn out of wood.... LOL

I will post again, after I have a chance to smoke something (anything) an yes.... with pictures
That will be a nice smoker. Use chunks of wood to get longer smokes. 2"-3" hunks of wood. Also remember that even if you can't see it it may still be smoking. put your nose to the exhaust and catch a wiff. If you smell smoke its smoking.

If you want to get consistent smoke look into getting one of the tube smokers from Todd at Amaze N smokers. The tube will allow you to cold smoke, not using any heat. You can also use the tube in the pit as long as you stay below 285°.

The newest tube, the expandable tube

For lower temps (lower than 180°), you will want to invest in a needled valve at some point. Keep in mind that even with the needle valve the lower temp pit isn't going to be set and forget. It almost is but wind really effects the low flame so you have to be diligent and watch your temps.

This one can be ordered online or Lowes carries it at most stores:

Which brings us to the wind screen. Wind really is the killer for propane smokers. Any kind of skirt around the vase will help. could be as simple as three pieces of plywood hinged together to put around the base (2"-3") away from the sides. High enough to be above the side vents.

As you found out the stock therms are rarely accurate. The one on my GOSM was 25 degrees off and it quit working all together about 9 years ago.

I wouldn't worry about sealing the door. Propane needs good air flow, as does the smoker to keep the smoke clean. I did add some latches to mine finally after 8 years. Main reason wasn't to stop leakage (it did) but I have moved it so many time that the original handle quit catching and the door would randomly pop open.

Lower right hand corner you can see one of the two latches that I installed to keep the door closed.

Good luck and show off some smokes.
When looking for a turkey breast to smoke... my wife LOVES my smoked turkey... and there seems to be less waste with a breast....Alas, all that was available were frozen (got one... it's thawing)

hat to do... what to do.... hmmmmm St Louis style spare ribs... that sounds like a plan.

Picked up a package (2 racks) from BJ's Warehouse.... came home and preped then... 

remove membrane

yellow mustard slathered over each side

K-Paul's "Black Magic" salt-free seasoning

Garlic and herbs

Fire up the smoker to 250 with apple wood chunks

placed the racks in the rib holders, and closed the door

3 hours later wrapped the ribs in foil with a dash of sweet baby Ray's sauce

2 hours later remove ribs from foil, place flat on rack with more SBR coating surface

1 hour later serve

delicious ribs....could have used more spreadable butter in the foil wrap stage... but I am a fan of the dry rib style.

I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving.... Turkey AND brisket....


after 3 hours smoke

after 2 hours foil

ready to serve

My little set up.... nice to have a roof over my head... I can smoke  when the sun is beating down on me, or if it's raining.... and I have solar powered lights so I can get up early and start the process.... oh yeah... and there are tunes to keep me company
ok.... found a turkey breast, and thawed it....first I gave it a quick massage with olive oil (extra virgin) then K-Paul's Black Magic, and some granulated garlic, and more herbs, Applewood, and got a steady 300 degrees going on the smoker... Placed the turkey in the smoker, and went about my chores...

IT of 160 I pulled the bird out of the smoker....looks and smells great..... now I have to wait for my wife's return....

Tasty looking smokes!

I prefer to do turkey breasts over whole turkeys. When I do whole turkeys I spatchcock them so they cook evenly.

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