Recteq 700 - smoker box - different rack area temps at 200 degrees on main unit.

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Smoke kid-

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Feb 13, 2024
I just set my Rt 700 at 200 degrees and put a probe on the middle rack of the attached smoker box. I checked the temps while the actual main unit temp was 200 degrees. After about 10 or 15 minutes at that temp on the main unit, the top rack on the smoker was 170 degrees. Middle rack was 160 degrees and the bottom rack in the smoker box was 115 degrees. These temps seem to be holding pretty good. I'd like to try and do some different "main unit" temps and see what the smoke box temps would be then. I'm wonder if there's gonna be any real correlation between them?
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I don't have a smoker box on my 1250, however, the correlation is that the smoker box will always be lower than the main chamber and the top rack of the box will always be hotter than the bottom. The box is only getting the main chamber exhaust heat and not the radiant reflector heat so the "less" The placement of the box is design to have very low heat in the bottom of the box to cold smoke with a main chamber 180 to 200. My guess based on the 200 degrees for the main chamber is that the box temps will be 10-20% lower on the top rack, then 20-30% for the mid and 30-45% lower for the lower.

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