More Single Ribs

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I've made jerk in the past and it always comes out better than a jar, I'm just lazy. The basket is kinda small, but it's flat and the way its set up it kinda squeezes the food to not move when its spinning, or anytime for that matter. No Binford tools here, but I wouldn't complain if Heidi were to be hanging around my house... :emoji_wink:

I get that, that is why I have the store bought in the fridge also. It's all about the time we have .

That is right I remember the picture of your spinning flat basket now. that would work great for singles, and a BIG yes to the Heidi in the back yard. lol

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Ribs look excellent. I have tried several of the Margaret Holmes products and they all taste pretty good for something right out of a can...
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I can't believe all these beautiful vortex rib cooks! Just amazing. Yeah, I get the Hormel ribs at my local store and some of them look a little rough out of the package. At least they taste good :)

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