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    Our prayers are with you and your families from the tornado devastation.......................

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  3. Amen....
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    Our prayers are with you.
  5. bigdaddybama

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    Nothing to add except Amen.

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    yup.. prayers to all..

    Anybody know if Jeff is near there ? or any other members for that matter...
  7. My thoughts and prayers also go to those in the path of the storm.  I am not affiliated with this org nor do I know if it is legit, but I got a note from Meathead that says;

    The devastation in Oklahoma is horrific. Looks like Hiroshima. There is something you can do to help NOW. Operation BBQ Relief (OBR) is a 501(c)3 charity and it has a stable of Competition BBQ teams who have big rigs and mobile kitchens.

    As I write this OBR's Stan Hays says they are heading to Oklahoma City to cook for the homeless and first responders. If you have seen the films, not many people will be able to cook for themselves for a while.

    Please go to the OBR website and send money for them to buy food. I make a monthly donation to OBR. You might want to do the same.

    If you wish to volunteer, sign up on their site. Rapid response by them AND by us is vital.
  8. kathrynn

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    Kosmo's and Lotta Bull BBQ is around there somewhere. Its sad.  Will go to the BBQ link and help out.  We had help here 2 years ago with the one that hit just up the road.

  9. seenred

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    It's been a stressful night of tracking the storms and preparing to get in the storm shelter if needed. There were tornados around us but none too close. The Tulsa area has dodged the worst of these storms. My wife has family who lives in the Okla. City area, and thankfully they are safe. It's hard to imagine the destruction we are seeing from Moore on local news. There is a massive search and rescue under way. Our continued prayers for our fellow Oklahomans who are trying to cope with this devastation and loss of life.

  10. dougmays

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    I found these guys a year or so ago...i emailed the site because the email form wasnt operable and i never got anything back from them, wasn't sure if the organization was still in tact. i offered to help incase anything happened in the FL/GA area. Ill make sure to go donate now that i know they still maintain this site and organization!
    stay safe Red!
  11. chef jimmyj

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    I spent several years in Norman at the Postal Service School back in my Electronics days. Great Country and Fabulous Friendly People in OK. Prayer go out including this be the last time they suffer...JJ
  12. kathrynn

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    Glad you are well close are you to the area?

  13. smokeamotive

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    Prayers sent fom here aleady and ongoing. Terribly sad that school children are among those that were lost! These families need our extra prayers as they will never be the same! Perhaps the government will learn that our schools need to have areas that are 100% safe in them to protect the children fom this sort of an event!!!
  14. kathrynn

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    some of the Ladies here are giving me monies to send to the BBQRelief help out with foods.  Project Linus National is going to be getting stuff going to them too.  We are a spot for a drop off for monies and blankets.

  15. pops6927

    pops6927 Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member  did wonders at the fertilizer plant explosion!  They fed thousands of people.  An organization you can be proud to donate to!  They are currently deploying to Moore, Ok and desparately need donations for food!  Please give all you can!
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  16. seenred

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    Thanks, Kat.

    We are 40 miles  pretty much due east of Tulsa in Northeast Oklahoma.  Moore is an Okla. City suburb (central part of the state), and about 160 miles from us.  The same storm cell that spawned the Moore Tornado came within a few miles of us, but had weakened to the point where it was just hail, high winds and lots of rain by the time it got here.  There were other storm cells that produced several tornados in Northeastern Oklahoma, but the nearest to us was about 25 miles away.  My heart breaks for the families of those school children who have been lost.

    Bama, thanks for posting the link to OperationBBQRelief.  I have made a donation, and ask all members who can to consider giving.

    I love these forums and the sense of community here.

    Bless all who are praying and donating.

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  17. garyinmd

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    Donation taken care of, prayers to all.  Just looked online and the death toll is still at 24, better than the first reports that came out last night.

  18. kathrynn

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    The ladies here at the shop and I made a bigger donation today....and more is coming in.  Just heard thru the FB link of the OBR...that 5000 lunches were done today for the Police, Fire and EMS.  The entire crew is not there...but the ones that are....rocked it today!

  19. roadkill cafe

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    Donation made today, but prayers being sent since hearing of this horrible disaster and will continue.

    Red, glad to hear you're ok and weren't in the path.

  20. it looks like a not gunna lie, this has been the first time in a very very longtime that ive been scared like that, brought and still bringing back memories of the war torn cities in the middle east... i live in moore(unfortunately the side that took direct hit). my wife and 3yr old daughter were home when it touched down and destroyed everything. just minutes/seconds before it got to our home, friends of ours stopped by to check on my girls and evacuated them to yukon, oklahoma which is far far away from the storms. of course i didnt find this out til' i was released from base lockdown(air force policy,nobody in or out when sirens go off). no cell service and no way of getting in touch with my family is scary scary business...

    ...cuz we sure need it right now.
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