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  1. I have had mine for 18 months,30" digital; use with AMPS, we like the pellets. I have smoked cheese, salmon, butts, ribs, CRS, loins, briskets, beef roasts, steaks ,chicken, turkeys (whole and parts). All have turned out great.. 99% of time I use Jeffs rub.

    I keep mine in  the garage, I have put it on a cart, idea I got from the forums. MES Mods.

  2. I have had mine for 18 months,30" digital; use with AMPS, we like the pellets. I have smoked cheese, salmon, butts, ribs, CRS, loins, briskets, beef roasts, steaks ,chicken, turkeys (whole and parts). All have turned out great.. 99% of time I use Jeffs rub.

    I keep mine in  the garage, I have put it on a cart, idea I got from the forums. MES Mods.

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    I own the Masterbuilt 20070106 30" electric digital smoker which is an older model. I didn't need the glass window so this model suits me fine. Have had no problems with it over the 15 months that I've owned it. I think it's great. I do use a second thermometer to calibrate the one that is inside the smoker.
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    I have an MES that was even an earlier model that Bear's. Its a 40" Glass door 1200 watt. I believe its a first generation but not sure. It's got a digital wedged shape controller but no remote. ..Been around so long it's like one of the family now.  Lot's of great Sunday dinners have come out of it.  

    After a number of years the controller head started acting up a bit.  I called Masterbuilt to BUY a replacement .  They sent it to me for free even though my unit was years out of warranty.  So on your question about customer support, I'd have to tell you they are the best I've had. 

    Bear is right on about the Maverick remote temp unit.  You will want one of those if you want super accuracy of your smoker and food temps. (And you should)

    Like almost ALL brands of smoker reviews you will read on this site, the accuracy of the temp probes could be more accurate than they are. 

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    LOL---That's the one my Son has.

    First I bought an MES 30 (black---no window) for myself.

    Then I bought my Son an MES 40 (black with window, but no remote).

    Then my Son bought my MES 40 (All SS with window & remote).

    Since that he bought himself a Black Egg and a Big Green Egg.

    I told him not to get me one of them!![​IMG]

  6. It's been wonderful so far :sausage:
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    Bear... Dang! I have 2 sons and have had to buy my all my smokers!  Lucky guy!  LOL 
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    LOL---He's a Great Son !!!

    He bought me a brand new 2008 Dodge Ram for my 60th Birthday. He said he was afraid my '94 was going to fall apart in front of a big truck on the highway!!!

    I had been keeping it, because with my health, I figured the '94 would outlive me!!!

    Somebody did a Helluva Job raising that kid!!! [​IMG]

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    No doubt Mrs. Bear..........<chuckles>
  10. I just smoked 4 - 8 pound Boston butts on my MES40 on 2 shelves only and it worked out fine. The folks at work finished 2 pans full of pulled pork at pot-luck day. I was all smiles!!! I have never seen a bone slide out of a butt that easy and clean. I left the bones in the pan with the finished product to tease all the cooks in the cafeteria. Foiled them overnight and was up every 2 hours to make sure all was well. Last time I worried that much after midnight was when my daughter went to the prom. This smoker is well worth the money!
  11. I have the 30' Master Built with the widow and with the digital control with the remote. One month old. I can tell you that I have smoked 2 chickens, one brisket, 2 pork shoulders and two slabs of ribs. And just for fun I smoked some winners./// need more trial and error with amount of smoke and time in smoker. Bottom line is the smoker is easy to use and and I would not have one without the digital control. My smoker is approx. 70' from my house (at my work shop) and I can monitor the internal temp of the meat as well as the temp inside the smoker from my recliner in the den. Not that I am lazy, it just means that I don't have to keep going out to check the temps. As to the accuracy of the digital raedings they have been right on when I double check with another temp instrument.  The meat comes out like it is suppose to. As to you next question about "standing behind their product?" I did have a slight problem with some paint coming off. These people have been the absolute greatest people to deal with. They intend to make you happy. I hope this helps.
  12. I bought the MES 40 from Sam's. It didn't work when I first got it out of the box. The heating element would not get hot. I called customer service and explained what was going on. They were very responsive and shipped me a new heating element. I opened the back to change the element and found that the shrink tape at the connection was not tight and the leads pulled off. I cut off the tape and reconnected the leads and everything worked fine. With that said, my experience with Masterbuilt was outstanding in a day and age where great customer service is hard to find. I would recommend the MES
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    I've had a MES 30" for a little over a month and I love it! I've had a hard time keeping temperature consistent and have noticed that the internal temperature isn't always accurately represented by the temp on the display. I figure, though, that with a little trial and error and just using a good ole regular thermometer I'll be in good shape eventually. Good luck with it!!
  14. I have had a 30" MES for 2 years and haven't had any problems with it.  The only complaint I have is that the temperature gauge is not accurate.  I have a Maverick 732 I use with it and it reads about 20 degrees cooler than the one on the unit.  I like it though, because it is basically trouble free smoking.  Just set it and go watch TV or whatever.  You just have to keep it smoking for as long as you need to.  I recommend it but I would definitely purchase a remote thermometer like the Maverick 732 to go with it.  I have kept mine outside with a cover on it all the time I have had it.
  15. I have the MES 30 (digital) and use the AMNPS.  I have a small 4" fan that I use to create better airflow at the chip loader and a homemade stack I put over the top vent.  Works GREAT!!!!
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    I got my MES 30 in April of last year and I bought a sturdy hand truck and two big bungee cords from Home Depot and that's what I keep my smokehouse (under its cover) on inside my garage. The bungee cords tightly affix the MES to the hand truck which makes it easy to roll it up and down a small hill between my garage and backyard. When I want to use it I wheel it out into my backyard and place it on top of a small plastic resin table near the power outlet on the outside of my house. This system has worked great.
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    For anybody in cold climates and have a garage/shed with a window in it, I  use a portable window dryer vent hooked up to my MES40 in the winter. Looks like the picture below and the smoke will exhaust out the window. The only smoke you get in your garage or wherever you have it will be when you open the door.

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  18. Where did you buy the Masterbuilt with a 4 year warranty?. I had to practically beg them to sell me a 2 year warranty for my new 40" 2nd gen smoker and that cost me $99. They only come with only a 90 day warranty.The first one I got didn't make it though the "seasoning" process and crapped out. Masterbuilt promptly replaced it with a new one and that's when I decided to get an extended warranty. Now I am wating for a replacement remote control as it stopped working or "communicating" with the smoker. Three cheers for all those wonderfully made products coming from China.
  19. I have a mes not sure what model. I am still getting use to it but love it. I keep mine on the porch and havent bought a cover for it yet but I do keep a garbage bag [​IMG]  over the top of it.

    Forgot to say that it is a digital one.
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    I bought the same one.  It is a little tight but not to the point it is un-useable.

    Had in in rain and it stood up very well.  I am happy.

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