Memorial Day PP

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Nov 29, 2020
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First off , Memorial Day has always been celebrated by my family. My father, many uncles and son served and made it back home. Lost 2 uncles in different regions of the world and several brought back invisible wounds.
A huge THANK YOU to the families of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice .
Not a big fan of Billy Ray Cyrus, but as he sang, " All Gave Some,Some Gave All".

I wandered in Kroger a couple of weeks ago and they had Butts at BOGO.
Had one sliced into steaks and cooked that weekend and saved one for this weekend.
There were already several pork steak cooks posted.
On to now😆
Prepped and minor trimming at 10.30 lbs. Decided to use a binder on mustard and massaged with
Love the HS and first time using the MM blend.
Loaded the MBGF with a last on the Blues Hog bricks and B&B lump with pecan and hickory chunks. On at 12am at 230 and checked in at 0630 this morning. I'm digging the color from the MM and sitting at 145ish.
Reloaded the hopper and cranked her to 275° to pan time.

I call shotgun Keith. Small family here, and I'm only the second generation born in the USA. So we don't have a large military background in my family, but my father did serve in the Korean war. The draft ended 6 years before I turned 18(thank God), but that was also the first year for the selective service signups.

Thank you to all that served this great country.

Sitting 165 and bark is set. Time for pan and a soak in my not-so-secret sause.
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Added 'bout 1/2 bottle of the vinegary sauce and wrapped. Not in any hurry so waiting patiently for 200 IT.
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That is looking great so far. You know with all the rubs & sauces on the market now. It seems to be fun to try different flavors, I stopped making my own rubs & sauces a while back. I can find commercial ones that taste almost exactly as mine did. So, it’s just Judy & I & a little bottle of rub & sauce will last a while. Looking forward to the finale!
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That looks so good! Pics you can smell!!!
I'll now have to try those rubs as well.
Thanks Tex I haven't been to Lane's facilities yet but did make a visit to Myron's shop a couple of weeks ago.
No one was in except for the warehouse guy and the spice girl😃
They actually mix in house with a "No Admidance" sign on the door. Man what a nice aroma of paprika in the air🥰

Alarm sounded at 12:30 for 203 IT.
Checked and probing like butter so into the MES set at 150°for a 5 hr nap till supper time. Unwrapped and very pleased with the flavor combo.
I like to shred by hand and remove any globs as the Mrs has an aversion to fat...except mine of coarse 😁
Poured about 2 cups of liquid gold into the separator and added a splash and a light dusting on the MM rub with my thump grinder.
Easy meal with peas and light bread.
No sauce needed.
Very pleased with the results and Kim said she thought is was the best yet, and we a lot of PP at home and at comps.
Put about 3 lbs into to suction bags for later. 12.5 hr cook and 5 hr rest and we're full as a tick!
Thanks for looking!

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