Memorial Day PP

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Dang Keith, looks great!
And I'm sitting in back, right behind the cab... not far to go when ya brake check us!

  • Haha
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Alarm sounded at 12:30 for 203 IT.
Checked and probing like butter so into the MES set at 150°for a 5 hr nap till supper time. Unwrapped and very pleased with the flavor combo.
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I like to shred by hand and remove any globs as the Mrs has an aversion to fat...except mine of coarse 😁
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Poured about 2 cups of liquid gold into the separator and added a splash and a light dusting on the MM rub with my thump grinder.
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Easy meal with peas and light bread.
No sauce needed.
Very pleased with the results and Kim said she thought is was the best yet, and we a lot of PP at home and at comps.
Put about 3 lbs into to suction bags for later. 12.5 hr cook and 5 hr rest and we're full as a tick!
Thanks for looking!

really nice cook and presentation. nothing more nerve wracking than trying to get shut eye with a miniature computer preparing your meal. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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